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Mon, 18 Aug 2008

Izakaya at Evening

I made a mistake today that I always feared I would. I walked into an Izakaya this evening, expecting that I could order the same sort of things they serve during lunch - Soba and Tempura set menus.

Many Izakayas transform into simple restaurants serving regular inexpensive meals during the day, especially during lunch time on weekdays. Though I had noticed that about this place, I had only so far been there during lunch time, so nothing stopped me from walking in at 9 PM hoping to get myself some Soba/Tempura.

This can be awkward on many levels: dress-code is never explicit in such places, but one still stand outs out wearing a T-shirt and jeans, when everyone else is still in business attire after a hard day's work. The other thing is that Izakayas are not just about drinking, but the group ritual of drinking together. I was the only person there by myself, and only because it would have been too rude to walk out right after walking in.

Still, it had been a while since I'd been to one; mostly because of the relatively low profile I have been keeping at least where the social life around work is concerned. Izakaya food, which is basically healthy, small-plate dishes usually meant to accompany drinks, is very innovative and one requires a certain amount of knowledge to be able to order properly, so I had to sort of wing it.

That awkwardness behind me, everything was simply delicious, not surprisingly the Tempura no Moriawase. I accidentally ordered the Wafu-Shumai, which was rather amazing too. Not a mistake that I am regretting too much at this point.

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Posted by atoppidispeme at Sun Mar 10 20:13:47 2013
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Posted by leawigree at Sun Mar 10 20:14:01 2013
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[url=]moster beats[/url] Primary Keef's appealing, independently-released "I Do not Like" individual became an immediate experience noisy . Next year. It's online video has had a lot more than 17 million Youtube . com views because their discharge throughout 03. Offering Lil Reese along with created by Young Dice, "I Will not Like" has built the actual 17-year-old Chicago, il rapper-businessman among rap's growing megastars, because verified from the Kanye remix associated with "I Don't Like,Inches this highlighted Massive Sean, Pusha T along with Jadakiss.
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At the chronilogical age of Twenty-two, "the brand new Crawl Woman" Emma Gemstone possess acquire large popularities. The girl name can be viewed upon several awesome situations, and he or she usually shows up in lots of key events and tv packages. Emma Natural stone includes a reasonably adult nature and powerful aura, therefore she could handle all sorts of gowns properly, are you enticed by her exclusive character?
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Posted by Peagmanah at Tue Mar 12 02:06:06 2013
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Posted by Inenidiew at Thu Mar 14 03:03:21 2013
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