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Mon, 18 Feb 2008

Four Years in Japan

Last week, (February 15th) marked the passing of 4 years since the day I landed in Tokyo.

There are two things that I remember most clearly about those early days - one was that it was cold. I flew in straight from Chennai, India, a city known for it's winter-less, almost year-round hot-wet climate. It turns out that mid-February is the coldest time in Tokyo. The other thing was this sense of realization, this feeling of the gravity of the situation I'd put myself into; this big, yet ignored, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!" ringing loud in my subconsciousness.

I'd traded in a well-paying job, a life of comfort and familiarity, in the name of adventure. Not that there is anything remotely adventurous really, about spending your days in long meetings, not understanding a word being said around you, and having to work insane hours everyday. But in the beginning, all that was different. It really was an adventure, as anyone who decides to hit the ground running will attest to.

Every time I felt cold enough or hungry enough to ask myself why on earth I was roughing it out like the way I was, the only answer was that I did not want to let myself get further ensconced in the familiarity of the same old streets I'd known for a quarter of a century. Now put it like that, and you convince yourself that that's enough contempt bred to warrant an escape - And I had life so good back then in Chennai, in a way that one simply cannot appreciate, out of utter boredom.

But an adventure it was; in all the good senses of the word. I loved Japanese food, (and still do. Who doesn't?) revelled in observing the needless automation around me, the over-engineering, the attention to detail, the sheer number of things to see. One gets bored, or course, but my eyes were biased to technology, to details, constantly imagining how all those servo motors and hydraulics keep themselves hidden. I would write these massive, long emails about everything I was seeing and doing in Tokyo, cheesy writings that I am probably ashamed of right now, in the way that people who've lived in Japan for a few years mock newly-arrived, suitably bewildered Gaijins. I haven't written any of these mails now, ever since, in the fear that they might get discovered and laughed at.

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Posted by Naaz at Mon Feb 18 16:55:52 2008
We missed the cheesy udon writings. Glad you're blogging.  And hurray for RSS 2.0.

Posted by Prasanna at Fri Mar 14 06:24:01 2008
Well, It's been great being a vicarious observer of your stay in Japan :-).

And I'm happy that you got to do something that many of us will only ever dream of :-)...

Have fun!

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The declared Tuo scared senseless, paler than ever, but he just sanctified shortly, how to fight veteran Gusheng as? His grandfather as a saint king was punch smash, can be imagined to dreadful.

You want to stir up the families of World War II, when all ethnic groups will join forces to destroy the human family he fled while intimidation, bluff.

Unfortunately, Leiguang flooded everything, his voice can not be spread out.

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You have today, you said your family captive human ancestors treated as livestock, as fresh blood, I am eleven they wash away the shame, start sadly passed away Shame female saints began

Fan Ye yelled, waving a golden fist rushed over, led the bottomless mine Mans, a punch out, the breakdown of the on Tuo chest declared, the shock of his flesh, and of the holy bone dashing out of ten kilograms

1112th Eucharist din mad

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Declared Strauss pain to the bones in his chest split, the lack of a few bones, blood bubbling covered in cyan bloodstains, hair disheveled cried out, broke our hearts.

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Fan Ye and not the color of any point of frustration, said: the shortage Gusheng body, if the simple will be able to thoroughly, it lost its meaning. Anterior the more difficult the more it extraordinary, against the waves on cliff climbing the line, the abyss of the strong, where one step where we're one step, maybe you <h2>
</h2> can look into the distance the absolute summit.

In the days that followed, the Fan Ye Pombo more practice hard and strive to improve their own cultivation.

During this period, the Wu breeze elderly had Pombo calls to lingxu Cave of the mountain, he formally identified as cents seedlings, encourage him to practice hard, and soon Oliver the Shinsen gurgle Bay, then accept him as a close disciples.

Formally identified cents postemergence Pombo per month can receive eight bottles of Herbs solution, compared to the previous year can only get four bottles of treatment to enhance a big slice. And, with his cultivation rising, the future will gradually increase the supply to meet all his needs, do not have to worry about the lack of Herbs liquid.

After in lingxu Cave Hill, Pombo serious to the elderly Wu breeze ask a lot of questions, he was mainly trying to help the Fan Ye unlock golden Oliver doubts.

Wu breeze old people say a lot about Oliver Confidential, said this world, some
scared to change my life characters in Oliver opened up, indeed there will be all sorts of different phase.

What in the end-of-phase?

Wu breeze elderly about a dozen out-of-phase, but did not mention the golden Oliver.

To Houpang Bo is some could not help but directly asked: Oliver opened up, there is no possible tsunami groaning, God Rainbow Wan Road, Oliver is a golden ocean?

Impossible! Wu elderly breeze shook his head, but the final hesitation, said: Perhaps, the legendary reproduce East shortage 'Godhead' may have such an unparalleled vision, but should not be so vast momentum.

Recent rumors of a rare type of Godhead in East shortage reproduce, and not just one case, it is said in the growing, was put on ice in the Holy Land or the remote antiquity family. Even the Wu breeze elderly also heard several rumors.

Genius of those rare in the world almost all the ancient family of the Holy Land and the shortage taken away, Wu breeze elderly seems very helpless.

Pombo came back, hear Ye Fan repeat it again, and finally said: It seems that the golden Oliver really miraculous and extraordinary, is the legendary reproduce East shortage of Godhead is the first to open up Oliver is not necessarily so The large momentum really hope you can practice go smoothly, that time must be sufficient to contend with the genius of culture, sacred sites and remote antiquity family.

Fan Ye after listening to ponder for a long time, and then look Pombo, said: I think I should leave the lingxu Cave.

Why? Pombo was surprised, do not know why he suddenly
make such a decision.

I lingxu Cave In order to understand how to practice, and now here is not suitable for me to continue to stay, I need to go elsewhere bumper opportunity

Posted by Geliopilm at Wed May 8 05:33:40 2013
</h1>Speed 鈥嬧€媡o create a shock the world body surgery, everything slowly groping.

Right now, the real focus should
still practice round sea, Palace Road, Fam the Supreme Avenue Arcane heritage endless years, after time tempered with baptism, is really mature and perfect practice system.

Uncharted be repaired within a round sea, Palace Road, outside repair tyrannical body surgery, the two complement each other, both supernatural powers, some of the original combat power.

Fan Ye very much looking forward to become stronger.

I believe that the the ancient worthies mighty wisdom must collision with the world's supreme Avenue gorgeous spark.

Fan Ye came to Wei has been almost two months, in addition to practice, he has been thinking about how to cross the void, but no good way.

He has not the breakthrough round sea Fam limited understanding of the channel pattern, it is impossible to unite the powers of the heavens to open the Domain door, crossed the void, After much deliberation, we can only rely on those forces.

Wei Du, busy, unusually prosperous, Fan Ye accidentally saw a familiar figure, dressed in robes, wearing a purple crown, but not the look of a little monk, <h2>
</h2> portly, ruddy, is the unscrupulous priests of D'.

Dead man life can be really hard, the demon emperor graves bones into mountains, rivers of blood, he was five VIP pressing in female graves, actually dead.

Fan Ye think fat the Taoist is very simple, much like the surface looks so kind, it should be hard stubble, he did not dare to close.

Today, his soul so powerful spiritual force converging to a puddle of golden small lake, of to generate tangible quality, the combination of in between the eyebrows, far to follow, without fear of being found.

Unscrupulous priests boarded a restaurant, big mouth to eat meat, drink wine in bowls, no taboo, is also not the way of the monk.

After half an hour, before he left Wei are covered with the alcohol, staggered, walked toward the mountains.

This dead man Jiuzufanbao, directly go to the mountains, in the end want to do? Fan Ye heart doubts, far behind them, at the same time he was a bit scared, so concise in his
soul, of D' still enigmatic.

Unscrupulous priests speed quickly, over the mountains, than flying much slower, came a little while in front of the mountain, Fan Ye know that this is a martial art in the territory of Wei, not as good as Cave are more than lingxu.

Of D'seven Shui eight around depth in, Fan Ye did not dare to follow-up, and out quietly waiting, half-quarter of an hour after the fat priests ruddy slipped out, and then blatantly leave.

A little while, this martial art, spreading waves of drink cry, a hustle, Fan Ye vaguely heard, the school seems to have lost precious things.

Dead fat really unscrupulous. Fan Ye quickly fly evasive fly four monks out of this martial art, if he was blocked, clearly reasoned.

Where to go as much as an old man found him.

Dead fat man, give my regards to your ancestors, which will not intentional, I deliberately made a scapegoat. The Fan Ye hearts alarmed, blink of an eye disappeared in the mountains.

After half an hour, he captured the traces of unscrupulous priests, some doubts may already be aware of D'

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</h1>Such high-profile VIP? Fan Ye surprised.

Lee Blackwater shook his head and said: This is not high-profile. Lonely at the top, cents-look endless, Why must penance? Road to practice, all phenomena with emotion, different people have different channel, someone is in the mortal world crossing themselves. especially those VIP, to reach a certain state, you do not have to retreat, many people experience colored reentrant Red world, looking for a breakthrough opportunity.

Fan Ye exposed the color be surprised, said: You know down a lot.

These are not my sort of understanding, several Kou Grandpa said, we see this Red or Red, they may see this Red Once upon a time, different people, different channel, into the head of the King.

Indeed, the realm of the problem. Fan Ye nodded his head, said: So, in my eyes flashy in others it seems may have been upon <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</h2> a time, or has been turned into a vivid Pure Land.

Lee Blackwater said: In fact, the younger generation was also to the spiritual realm, Gordon Road sector alone in the lofty Red.

What people? Fan Ye surprised.

Do not know, a few Father did not say, but I guess I just spiritual realm, the real strength can not be so high, otherwise it is too scary, almost impossible. Blackwater Lee shook his head.

High altitude, the floating palace, the lights gorgeous, full-bodied wine, Taking a floated drunk to the bones, string and wind musical, singing and moving, mostly the Presbyterian level figures in the Holy Land too, entertained a large can. Lee Blackwater to make such speculation, said: Today we went to the wonderful For Um, next time I ask you to Drunken Master Que, vomiting blood floating luxury one.

Dinner here takes source? Fan Ye asked.

Order goods, the difficulty in setting the most inferior banquet Value pounds sources of, extremely luxurious cents feast frequently need to spend hundreds of kilograms of source, or even more, can not be measured.

Fan Ye hear these words, suddenly suck down air conditioning, luxury, a meal hundreds of kilograms of source, what is this food?

This is a gross exaggeration?

Is not an exaggeration, LONGSHEN God Phoenix wings, These things you ought to know how strange or listen to the name, even let the mighty may occur epiphany of enlightenment tea.

Fan Ye Zhang mouth, really burst of silent for a long time before said: Drunken Master Que in the end is how to open?

North thick gold family, <strong><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</strong> backing scary, Al-Quds the Eight Restaurant cents Que, it is enough to be discharged into the top three.

Etc. I will the major sacred stone swept clean, Yao Yao you come here to eat cents feast. Fan Ye laughed.

Cents feast, only the Lord's banquet can only occasionally opened, we still do not think of. Lee Blackwater shook his <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> head.

The night of the city of God, really do not like, along the ancient street, all the way forward the palace into pieces, like a remote control came Once upon a time, dream-like.

In front of a bright, wonderful wishes Lake in the night under moist, such as jade, flashing blue light, like a huge gem.

Shores of the lake has long been full of people, the overwhelming majority of young people, all in the waiting.

Here the night was really good.

Shore <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>

Posted by GellNoume at Wed May 8 06:33:26 2013

The iron swords swept away, blazing light, sliced 鈥嬧€?8 Swire biological, such as blood splashes, red vegetation, Xue Wu steaming.


Fan Ye backhand Yi Liao, behind a Swire biological the Tian Linggai snapped pick fly a white brains washed from contaminated with bloodshot, fell down dead body upright.


An comparable guru ancient creatures, age is not small, up is the strongest blow, but still can not stop the Fan Ye's masterpiece edge.

Sword killed

The iron sword cut open his ancient soldiers, destroyed his Dokie, chop off his head, with a long list of blood flowers flying in the garden, rolled in front of those people near to.

Chen Yuan, Liu Yunjie, Kongling Hua, Xie Siyuan all discoloration, Nanling several Pearl smile froze, this man is simply like the devil alone alone sword, killing over, no one to hold him half a step.

Among them are <h2>
</h2> powerful and ancient creatures of Sendai Layer 2 days, after the baptism of blood, but still, like chicken, chopped life, bloody.

Now needs no introduction, to anyone know Terran Eucharist kill in front of Nanling Toshihiko Pearl, whether God, as Yaozu or Terran are the look of a lag.

Even the presence of eyes above the top figure, God kill in this respect or awe, are legends about him.

Still just big talk, and some even despise criticized the Fan Ye, but really

But no one to Gan Bujing are stiff body.

Fan Ye huff, the rate of tens of thousands of cavalry level shortage ancient family, who do not know this and other earth-shattering event, which knows all the people present have a family, and in Nanling, who is not guilty?

Nanling four days one of the female Wu Fei fairly calm eye glory flow, but always peaceful composure, no turmoil.

Xie Siyuan, Chen Yuan, is not so calm, but just attacked the Terran Eucharist, uncomfortable, hearts FaXu.

Several Nanling Pearl emotional stability, revealing a sweet smile, looking forward to try to maintain the posture of elegance and charming.

Only purple day stays on, there is no trace, white jade table plate sitting on the grass on the ground, covered with crystal violet diffuse, cold eyes, such as a knife.


When the last several powerful Swire creatures rushed to Fan Ye horizontal push iron swords pressure to go forward, such as Taishan collapse in front of the most powerful people all shouting, the light
of iron swords flaming, cross-sectional world, they All truncated.

Fan Ye leaning sword line, fingerstyle in swords body, clank Tolls deafening sound of rage, blood-stained clothes, strode into the garden, no one dared to resistance.

Scene silence, today all are talking about the how Terran Eucharist, the only real face will feel that kind of pressure.

Nanling several Toshihiko not say anything, no longer just pointing Jiangshan spirited, in front of the young man holding a bloody iron swords, so that they feel the giant

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</h1>High found Fan Ye, was actually Sunkist House deputy house master Lindau dust, informing him that a message will open the way to extra-territorial way in recent years.

Many years later, the the Sunkist government finally want to make a decision, and once again invited Fan Ye, inform if he intends to go Zhongzhou embark on a trip.

Nine the culmination of the Eucharist, a few people have set foot on this path, and was returned alive.

Post-shortage ancient times, the Qing Emperor why sermon this road.

Shortest consumes power, can be survived, the longest I never falling into the extra-territorial.

Lindau dust did not say much, leaving only this three he departed.

Fan Ye stand still burst daze, wondering for a long time, suddenly looked up and found that the Lindau dust were also approached shake light Son, South demon, Wong

Has not yet finalized the next candidate, or should I say this to the people break?

Fan Ye surprise, even of D'bastard find. Even, Ji small moon is one of the candidates, she is actually very put on, smile on the outside, eager look.

Pombo had extraterritorial trip, he <h2>
</h2> said, is a bloodstained road, since ancient times, few come back alive.

I said black imperial adults, look over there, another fellow, very good fit with you. Li day point refers to the distance.

It was a dog's head, personal a pair of white-winged creatures of God, on back, head shrouded in a ring
of God, the holy.

The ugly, Black King said tongue.

Suddenly, the existence of a people erect coercion mighty from that as a head angel general creatures in vitro that the Bible ring more bright, cold looked over.

Do not say, some taste, ** Unfortunately, the public Black King drunken curse.


A group of people are bombers flying their drinking to explode, that ancient creatures left the Jade Pool.

This is the Tengu a strong family. Jade Pool Joan cautioned, so that they do not talk nonsense.

Finally parting, Fan Ye they want to travel together out of this piece of pure land.

In the next
period of time, the families of reproduction, recuperate, there will be no war, but everyone but there is no let up.

Black King drunk, large tongue, upright body of D'even conspire together, the two arms around, very discordant.

The two disposition is not how authentic guy, so conspire a make people feel quite strange, how to look is a pair of greedy and shameless combination.

I am the power, I am the light, I was the only myth, the Black King Ganhao up, startled numerous wild ducks.

Break and then stand, stand before you break the invisible elephant, adults without a trace, I am your only Shenghuang of D'drunken howl.

Then, two bastards finally betrays pinch in with each other under the black hand, and took each other's baby, magic.

**, Grave robbers do not think I do not know, so many years playing the idea of 鈥嬧€婸urple Mountain, the courage to Jom

Posted by TUPSPRIMBUP at Wed May 8 09:03:09 2013
</h1>Little creatures are <h2>
</h2> better than a lot of the sky Leiguang are suppressed.

All surprised, peerless king of God shed the blood of the gods, how there will be repair? His realm is too high, as the night kings tell, absolutely beyond the territory of the Dacheng God King.

All Boulevard God sound are concentrated to the point,
hanging in the air congenital Road graph containment, will want to erase it.

This sonic tangible quality, such as a road colorful ripples clearly visible, very gorgeous, has an indescribable charm.

The outside world, all the monks are still down, felt a lofty and vast, many people's minds and peaceful, if the Wu Avenue Sounds of Heaven.

My God, this is a prelude to the, God!

Finally someone perceived mysteries, insight into how Weili, could not help but
exclaim up.

How could God Overture, since ancient times, rang a few back?

Song insufficiency associated with cultivation, is a manifestation of the mind, the understanding of the channel, more on the vicissitudes of the Red sort of understanding.

Legend, God's Overture is just the start-up phase, the derived real Divine Comedy obtained almost the same power of the gods!

No one shock, and did not think the white god king so scared only change my life, realize God's Overture.

Although nothing to do with the cultivation, but a spiritual realm of sublimation, the monk's largest potential in the original mind, one day, perhaps light on earth.

God King bleak life, only in this way, he was to realize God's Overture.

People think of God the life of the king, half lonely, I desolate, the roots of the dead, their own old age, he has a lot of regret.

God King depleted blood of the gods, the interpretation of the movement of God, really ready to Zuohua this.

People Ming Xiao Italy, knew he could not go far in the world, and may thus concluded desolate and full of regret life is a relief.

God, jiangjia many people weep.

Vertical and the other monks, was also infected, many people feel that the nose sour, some astringent eye, what a pity peerless king of God in this life, he was really sad.

God Overture, are like really the power of the gods, the the midair authentic Figure submerged colorful puzzle Yi fluctuations, let it continue to dim.

Petals lit, blood-stained falling, shrouded God Overture in the Pure Land, but the vitality of the king of God more and more weak, his dry light like a lamp will go out at any time.

Fan Ye want to yell, but after all, is unable to move, get out of the eyes of tears, which is not subject to the kindness, too heavy!

I do not like this! His mind screaming, but did not change anything.

Shortage ancient curse almost no solution, more than a dozen of years, no one can break through the quadrupole Fam want to break the shackles of consideration is too great.

King in God to take life for his continuation circuit, its cut off the causal Road map to the blood of the gods, God Overture indelible congenital veins, this is the price of life.


Pure Land, the large tracts of flowers withered the chaos leaves numerous dance, falling all over the floor, this vibrant little world came to an end.

The god king why he did not, the Pure Land is difficult to save the world

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</h1>Blood electricity, too deep, three ancestral Wang, Hao Yang Qi move, at the moment against the white God, the remaining dozen ancient WANG Yi came up the first time, surrounded by the God King in the center.

No blood, no bone, there is only one a cold handed down Cloth, shine, rattan Green died, the body of dust, in addition to the coat nothing, there remained.

How could this, and that is how to strike?

This is many people's doubt, all the ancient <strong><a href=>tory burch tote bag</a>
</strong> kings heart warning signs, staring at the center of the field of the white god king the crystal petals fluttering, and constantly falling, he is like the gods, detached from the mortal world outside.

Gods sigh too Hadean king, behind the bat wings flapping, magic gas heinous, he is tall and majestic, such as a statue of the god of the underworld.

Swire, has been the interpretation of the song of God, also issued a sigh of God, than the Sword horrible, murder in the moment, but have to pay a high price.

In front of the white god king mouth overflow ray of blood, although it is very light, little ray of, and he was still indifferent smile, <h2><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</h2> but all family the monks burst of concerns.

However, the kings of Swire more careful, all exposed solemn color guard.

Wrong, we are wrong, this person is not just entered the sage, and not catching up with us, but a real saint, and the world has few peers, such a person can be with us to fight to the death the power of the rear of blood The Queen opening words quiet Sen, murderous Chongxiao the.

All hesitated, and then the body is cold, especially the major ancient kings discoloration.

The white God wipe the mouth ray of blood, stood up to move in the crystal Huayu, so that those ancient kings can not help but go backwards, this independence of the kings of supreme style, so that people both surprise and worry never forget.

Yes, he has long been on this road to go out very far, little different than the three of us. Hao Yang Zu Wang nodded, body blossoming immeasurable SG, such as the sun god reincarnation, the aura, not to face.

Terran Many monks daze, unknown, the only Fan Ye and a few other people know, because the already vague guess. He also clearly remember the scene in the past.

In the city of God, the north field, night kings wearing handed down Cloth, handheld Warriors Gold War Spear, the exhaustion of life have learned, he was old age, the king beheaded.

You know, the night kings thousand years ago the king, is the culmination of so many years, who knows what realm? No one is saying to clear.

And, that night God King is <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> really dying body, from purple mountain turnaround, even the vitality almost cut off, the divine power had dried up, to live for a while is a luxury, what is the kind of power, the breakdown of the soldiers handed down St. the night of the armed kings?

The most critical is the night a king in a will before his death: ginger Taixu you, the sealing purple mountains, life almost dried up, how to break through to the other realm?

I look back, everything is clear, not a purple piedmont, most of the God King has been a saint, but been ignored, they were not to dwell.

Since then, the God King twilight, holding Choi Wan <a href=>tory burch sale</a>

Posted by Geliopilm at Wed May 8 11:33:44 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h1>What wicked priests, this son of a bitch is not Grandpa WU Dao follow the direction of Zhongzhou you, come back, he is really lucky. Tu fly very surprised.

Damn fat, the Fan Ye teeth, this guy is really worthy of the name of the wicked priests who dare to pit, this time actually playing the attention of the Holy Land.

Coated fly cursed: The bastard finally hit our hands, and be sure to let him plant a badly beaten, this the darn is really audacious!

Fan Ye the urge to vomit blood, wicked priests really can be frustrating, even this Sunzhao can think out teeth and said: impersonating me Kengren the loss he would like to <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> come out!

Tu Fei said: The <h2><a href=>tory burch tote bag</a>
</h2> bastard off the road ahead, but also use your looks to make a <strong><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</strong> fuss, never seen so wicked priests.

He scribing, it is also the pattern of the sermon? Fan Ye heart in doubt.

Big black dog to make an affirmative answer, said: Yes, seems to be engraved Road pattern, which is very general channel pattern, but he is not proficient enough, carved very slow.

Fan Ye rubbed his chin and said: I want to be trampled to death this fat, such as when he left the Black King you to modify something, let him cross the void stare.

This get will be dead. Having said that Black King, but not the kind hollow.

When the people of the Holy Land around here, to see how he escaped. Coated fly laughed.

At this time of D'body out of the five Taoist, to help him track engraved pattern, and one of it is that body dry, to look honest look stiff Taoist.

I finally understand why you want to smoke that stiff Taoist meal, turned out to be the gods of the dead man.

Three hundred and fourth chapter alone against the world

This mountain is not high, but there are long gas filled ancestral roots in the mountains, is indeed a good practice ground.

The green old pines, rocks, towering, there a Road Lingquan the surging.

Of D'dedicated, very careful in the top of the mountain carving Road pattern, a dry seasoned next to him, was busy.

The distant mountains, the Black King opening: carved almost certainly completed today, this is a very pivotal.

This wicked priests to sell back, just do not know what price can sell. Coated fly muttered.

Fan Ye fear of being aware of unscrupulous fat, beckoned the two silent dog get away.

Chaos Cloud State, everywhere mountain, towering old pines, Qingfeng access cloud.

They came to a cliff of several strains such as Qiu Long Fang stretch of old pine branches in the clouds quite vigorous state.

Wait until everything is a matter of course, on his behalf to pick up the reward, this lead a few people of the Holy Land. This is coated fly recommendations.

Fan Ye mouth showing a smile, said: To take into account every step, carefully pondering, not a little accident, or I'm sorry this dead man.

If successful, the segment Germany and Africa is mad lung is not available, a hard-earned, to take a big risk, but in the end Acts wedding dress.

Black King with a rather predatory in general, its ten kg of source <a href=></a>

Posted by Elogeeurort at Wed May 8 11:46:30 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</h1>Area <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</h2> measuring some.

In this way, the four again broke into a gallop.

An hour later, Li Desheng Chen Huai, almost foaming at the mouth, limp on the ground, run do not know how many fifty years, has not been able to stay away from.

How could this, two wheezes gasp, almost collapsed.

The place of the divine origin of the not seal living creatures. To see the profile can not hear the voice of the micro himself.

Fan Ye silence, this great chance, and sealed some races certainly extraordinary powerful, to this end have added a variable.

I heard people say, the ancient ore breeding of the Holy Spirit, is <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> the culmination of the East Arakami king into the must imminent demise.

There is a saying, which there are fairy family.

Li Desheng Chen Huai, sitting on the ground says, ran such a long time, they are <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> soaked with sweat, not fear.

These claims are on the surface, the real secret no one knows.

All of these legends can be called a primer to the back of the records in accordance with the Source Book, can be derived ten times the terrorist speculate.

Fan Ye concept of research only Source Book late small part, through the eyes can see, on the beginning was the ancient mine to give birth to endless awe.

First glimpse of the primer which is so real clues did not see through.

According to his speculation, even though a thorough understanding of the source bible, it would not be able to figure out the beginning was the ancient mine text.

Here, I am afraid, than to imagine the terrible, mostly shaking hidden secrets.

Otherwise, why even the real source Fearless too afraid to go? Chang family's ancestor, called the generation of Warren, but do nothing, the end of life but do not dare into the ancient mine was in the beginning, as the life of regret.

Are we really going to die in here? Li Desheng, Chen Huai ugly face, they see Fan Ye, without a word, that there is no way.

Dead back is not necessarily. Fan Ye stood up, said: There are tens of miles, we fast around the ancient mine a week, almost can work out the situation.

His awe is the beginning was the ancient mines, but did not close there, far enough from eight or ten miles, he felt might be able to find a way out, break the law.

After all, this place is the edge is not true of the core region.

Rumbler two Shiji Li, they turned back to the origin, came to the place to start.

A head, I see you're a Sir Alex Ferguson, is this line of Warren, must work out the way!

Fan Ye Chen huaiyuan heard to say, could afford to, so-called Sir Alex Ferguson is dig God is the source Fearless disciples another word.

This line of adult digging burrowing, come and go in under the earth, not the sun, digging source pulse was dubbed dig Lord.

Road digging Lord, figure out a way to escape? Li Desheng nervously.

The way is there, but we need to take risks.

How to take the risk? To see the profile puff on his pipe down and asked.

The need to move forward towards the beginning was the ancient mine a few years, the need to better find out here 'field', the only way to find a way out in turnaround. Fan Ye calm authentic.

Dig <a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>

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</h1>On behalf of the stands at the absolute top of the figure and now, but for a boy named Ye Fan, at the same time your visit to the song State, natural surprise.

And soon the news to shake light Joan Yao Xi arrived in Chaoyang City, here the situation will be to attract the attention of many people.

The song and the state are moving around the oasis also got the news, people talking, Fan Ye are all talking about.

This boy is not modeled, did not take refuge in a large teaching alone even crossed from the south to the domain void came to the north field, and sure enough, some means.

He got Kyi's house Nethermancer actually burned Kyi's house too elders, it is incredible!

Fan Ye made as outgoing, people are more surprised to feel a little incredible.

Being shortage Gusheng, and later in the practice road will be extremely difficult, do not know that he can go out and how far.

this news came out, many people have uttered a sigh This constitution is like a curse, as you savvy near cents near demon, can only be locked in with carcasses cage behind road desperate.

But this constitution is worthy of study, I think are interested in the major holy sites.

He has cast the mother of all things gas Ding, this treasure will make major teaching jealous, even though no shot Kyi's house, in the future the situation is also worrying.

Unfortunately, shortage Gusheng the body, ah, difficult to break the curse, the achievements of this life is almost stop!

Some people are sorry, that this young anterior basically been cut off, can not be crossed natural moat the shortage ancient legacy.

Dare Kyi's house brandished a knife, was expecting an extremely figures to rise in the future, but do not want to be the kind of physique.

Since remote antiquity, the endless years later, never can break the curse, ah the shortage Gusheng dignified invincible world body, even reduced to waste, I really do not know what month, there will be a miracle happened.

People talk about from the very beginning by Fan Ye, to then talk about shortage Gusheng, no one is optimistic he think this is just the deformity wonderful short-lived, will soon wither, this constitution no future.

At the moment, Fan Ye coated fly from song State area.

How? But a man of the hour, along the way, and everywhere talking about you. Tu Fakie lion sitting in a green wool on the fly in the desolate red-brown earth over.

Sustains a the sharp wind Langkou, is not a good thing, if there is no special means life will be threatened. Fan Ye do not regret it, this is to sweep <h2>
</h2> Kyi's house facial shot.

He was wearing a purple, looks like the previous differ materially, sweeping
away the posture of the handsome, Jian Mei Star project at the moment, British Gas is compelling, temperament big change, even if the encounter acquaintances do not worry about five years after graduation, he had no horse, before the move of the void line, the speed is also very fast.

Big black dog came to the air, but it is not their own flight, importuning, Fan Ye seized colored jade boat going to transform it with a tortoiseshell almost color becomes Heibuliuqiu.

Tu Fei laughed: surrounding areas in the state of song you but a celebrity, all the monks talking about

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</h1>Was He Wen, this is their greatest scruples, in case of a large forces children to kill, I am afraid this will invite disaster.

I'm just an ordinary bulk repair, you do not need to <strong><a href=>tory burch tote bag</a>
</strong> fear. Fan Ye light move, forced to go toward the qingxia the palm to teach.

Many qingxia door too elders, mutual looked at the face of the beholder revealed, one of humanity: Kill him, so be it.

Qingxia charge of teaching is darkened, directed at the distant disciples shouted: blocked the gate, do not let the three men escaped.

They <h2><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</h2> have seen with their realm, Fan Ye, even though the combat power amazing, it is impossible while withstood ten Weisha, is probably the major young Lord, are not necessarily able to do.

Had wanted to leave you a life, but you do not give yourself retreat, do not blame us ruthless in silence!

No matter what the origin, now only you as a casual repair killed!

These people sneer again and again, just being want to kill Ye Fan this, do not give him the opportunity to survive.

After listening to you, my clear conscience, qingxia since become history, will never cease to exist! Ye Fan the Yi Meipiao dance, sustains a pool side, heavy fragrance of flowers around, he set off free of dust, no Murder, but people palpitations.

The distance, a disciple of qingxia appalled, fast back, and they will never forget the recent scene, this is a young devil looks handsome harmless, but a fight, but breathtaking power and influence unmatched.

Hands cut him, must <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> not let him leave!

The ten Palace Road Fam monks shot, although only repair a deity only, but ten people together, horrible enough.

They resorted to weapons and, at the same time to Fan Ye Gongsha the.

Fan Ye realm now came to understand God, the Road Palace monks terror, weapons only in promoting the power of a lot of times.

For example, the Qing Xia door palm teach, he resorted to the copper lamps, possession of the heart of God into a sun sink into the copper lamps, combination of the two, according to candle the sky.

As if one day light coming from the world outside, hanging high altitude, falling on to the next round after round of flame, burning to Fan Ye, hot temperatures, next to a waterfall evaporated to dryness, water vapor misty, are like a fairyland.


The the Fan Ye fists toward the lodge copper lamps fight to combat power such as Tao, scroll Canyun the, Qingfeng the mist suddenly burst, showing Lang Lang.

His golden fist zoned empty, like an ancient chariot rolled rumble through the sky, the sky constantly jitter.

This powerful supernatural power, such as the ocean in the rough, let the door qingxia palm to teach too elders of all color, this is simply too horrible.

A teenager, age, actually so forceful combat power, not Hanshi genius, descendant of the Holy Land cultured elite.

Fight, can not be good, he scored what is the refining or killed, to find out where he came from before we make a decision. Endless fear the hearts of these people.

Ten strong weapons, and together, blocking the Fan Ye golden fist the flame monstrous, Dianmang, piercing the sky, sonorous God sound resounded through the Sky.

This child is too strong, must be <a href=>tory burch sale</a>

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</h1>This light man, his face ashen, resorted to a <h2>
</h2> copper gourd, gourd plug pulled out of the moment, the whales suck cattle drink and swallowed the ten.

Fan Ye held gold war spear rushed past, seem to have been reduced to Hulu Kou consistent washed away, is about to be closed into it.

However, at this moment, his body suddenly Juzhen, such as Qinglong wagging tail, jumped up and quickly zoom in on the hands of the golden war spear stabbed to go forward.


The golden rod war spear into the plug from the gourd mouth, from the bottom of the gourd through the peak of God can not be stopped, copper gourd pieces and half of.


The gold war spear through the copper gourd, the the spear Feng faster, glittering, all of a sudden not into this person's chest, carnage spewing.

Ah, the man yelled out, before and after chest translucent, five internal organs are split, the spirit were injured.

Fan Ye like a statue mythical, like standing at the venue, to pick up a single hand-held gold war spear, and then forced startled, pop is heard, blood gushing, that a body torn apart, fly to the Octagon.

Meat, bones with a lot of blood falling soul destroyed, gold war spear to bleed, Fan Ye Black Pisan, handheld war spear, and strode, no stay.

This is, Everyone was shocked, so means, neat, horrible scary.

Ye Fan forced forward, every step of the fall, the earth shake, such as a giant traveling, in the hands of gold war spear to the day, the blood flowing, his black hair Rubao the, like an ancient god of war.

Rip, rip,

Piercing sound came, four elderly people were rushed to, once again resorted to the same, such as the ocean mana, the Guanghua diffuse fieldwork, flooding the world, to the Fan Ye refining and repression.

However, leaving them just a blur, Ye Fan speed is too fast, he seemed to walk in
the ancient, when the world apart, are not affected.

His hand engine gold war spear, step baizhang far, several people rushed Kinch Xiao, black hair down to dance, kill pneumatic Plus, such as Shackles, blaze used to the gods from hell.

The remaining five years of strong by key changed color, a Long Fang Yiyue, surging powerful flavor to everyone have struggled with.


One of them yelled, once ridiculed Fan Ye send them Zi source from the moment
held one day Fordia block into the air, his protection in the back.


Void shake violently, such as a rag, like the sound of Gang Feng, unrest more than.

Fan Ye handheld gold war spear, as one day knife, both hands, vertical split down, driven by a monstrous gold SG, swallowed up by the earth.


Fan Ye waving golden war spear down withering, that the interwoven the rule days Fordia sectional two halves, the fracture surface is flat and smooth.


This young strong cry, eyebrows cracks that bursts with blood flower, eyes filled with fear.


The Fan Ye gold in the hands of war spear, with

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</h1>Catch, but at this moment murderous as a mountain, from the rapidly flooded.

78 middle-aged adults, such as the very ancient king of beasts, fell from the sky, said nothing on the shot, everyone in the ninth of the dragon becomes more, which even two half-step mighty.


The screams came the tragic death of someone on the spot, I decisive backwards, but they get rid of not Shajie, a bell, half of <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</h2> the people become Jifen into Xue Wu.

Another half-step mighty shot, a photo of the ancient mirror, escape several monks are SG ripped through the dead bodies fall down.

Fan Ye suck down a cold air, human lives here, he has learned the fact that this piece of ancient fairy world not only one entrance, but up to a few, of Zhongzhou most powerful forces can come.

Now, this piece of immortals cohabitation in the world, what kind of people, all kinds of deaths, Indiana, assassinations have occurred, he witnessed the scene.


Seven or eight middle-aged man with the shot at the moment under the array pattern, seal the entire swamp, you want to catch a piece of extremely dilute Jane Long Loach.

But in the end they found nothing, there is an underground river in the marshes, do not know leads to where the dragon Loach had fled.

One-stop Loach only, but so slippery, so many of us shot it escaped. One middle-aged self-deprecating.

This is no ordinary creatures, the <strong><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</strong> whole piece of the world will not be more than twenty, refining the essential Shendan blindly main drug does not have some kind of fetish than it precious. The other man shook his head.

Fan Ye appeared when those people away, but he just saw this piece of immortals world is undergoing a microcosm of it, the crisis-ridden.

This is a fairy burial place, valuable things too much, what people are coming! Fan Ye sigh.

Here, not only many they reveal, there are a variety of day material treasure, are all priceless, has long been extinct in the outside <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> world, noted that any large forces can not be calm.

In addition, occasionally found in the cliffs, Kwu Tung, there are some broken heritage of inestimable value, dragon loach this Jane Ling line trace.

Fan Ye, the same as others hit Xian Yuan, fly away, saw a lot of a terrible shortage ancient dissimilar, far away.


He came to a new area, the angry roar came, was in a fierce war, his mind a move, sensitive to air-familiar.

Sea rising moon!

Fan Ye surprised to fast forward and flew into a streamer, this vision that he saw to a cast, that is East Arakami, Wang Ji bright moon.

Kyi's brother and sister suffered a terrible ambush be Weisha, enough to have more than a dozen people surrounded them, resorted to a variety of ancient treasure, constantly Gongsha to two.


Sea immeasurable, Ji bright moon behind, boundless expanse of waves into the sky, an enemy rolled down, he beat the earthquake was a mess, into a Xue Wu.

They also do not know <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>

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</h1>Evergreen smoke into the sky, flying out enough to have four or five meters, we can imagine how great the force.

Rear, everyone secretly surprised that Fan Ye really is with the barbarians JohoMaps effort it is surprisingly large.

Pombo looked at Li Changqing fall to the ground, teased: This is what you say 'sense of justice Yun-zhi'? Critical moment you launch knife block, really generous attempts ah!

Li Changqing feeling half of the body are immense pain, the bones seems off to a good few, struggling to stand up, but stepped forward Pombo one foot in there, no longer difficult to move.


At this point, Fan Ye whirl move large Leiyin Si bronze plaque heavy hit on King Kong Po pestle, Liu Zhi in the hands of a subtle hint of God Hui shine, but were unable to stop Juli!

Fan Ye in the hands of large Leiyin Si bronze plaque does not emit light, <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> but he sounds like a mighty whirl move a Copper Mountain in shock.

Dangdang when

Three successive sound of metal vibrato, Liu Zhi Ye Fan life and hit lying on the floor, kneeling, arms seems to be broken, spasm, King Kong Po pestle rolled on one side, by Fan Ye Collapse.

This time, Zhang Zailing go over, brought near to Wang Yan.

You, want to what? Liu Chi paler than ever, by the heavy bronze plaque pressure on the body, kneeling in front of Fan Ye.

Fan Ye heard a dull smile, said: want? Want peace of mind at a later time, no longer be remembered.

What are you doing? Liu Zhi thorough panic, directed not far from the crowd shouted: We are students, do not let him mess,

Have you heard of an ancient penalty is designed for vicious prisoners hit and killed. Boulders or cliff.

You do not! Liu Zhi cried out in horror, but unable to resist, Fan Ye single mobile and generally out of the woods, such as the chicken Aberdeen Lindao a patch of four ancient word engraved shortage of ancient forbidden Shibi ago.

Pombo, Zhang Zailing tugging Li Changqing and Wang Yan, are now over.

Do not, help ah! All three fear cried out.

Fan Ye, Well, they do not also students, you can not be so hasty to dispose of their life and death. Belts looking unhappiness, opening to block at the moment.

Yeah, do not, after all, three lives, they do not should not be killed, to give them an opportunity to turn over. Three or four people followed persuasion.

Fan Ye turned back to face the crowd, said: In fact, I really do not want to do so, but <strong><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</strong> to give them a way out, it means I open a dead end.

Suddenly, Fan Ye look a lag, he saw a cliff cave in the cliff here, there are two whole body markings tiger cub is wound on his grimace in pain, but a <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> foot long, but has been Xiongshou weather.

Saber-toothed tiger!

Fan Ye suddenly surprised, this species on Earth has long disappeared, and do not want to actually can be seen today, although still looks young, but you can clearly see that the Fengrui long and sharp teeth gleaming <a href=>tory burch miller</a>

Posted by Cifflexewly at Wed May 8 22:17:33 2013
</h1>Despite the mortal all know that's <h2>
</h2> not true, but still scared.

Real dragon, the God Phoenix is 鈥嬧€媣ery realistic, full of thousands, Xianqi into a Jade Terrace, colored added a mysterious gas.

For mere mortals, even looking up also what did not see, after all the colored jade station up to the lofty, but few people Kome such as electricity, clouds and mist, looming.

Top of a coffin old and
ancient, through the issue of endless vicissitudes of life, although the long ridge all years, but like carrying a million costume.

What earth-shaking, the vast earth, what boundless sky, not
against the corner of the coffin, it is as if the combination of ancient and modern throughout the up and down millions of years!

Here, no one can survive the body will be to crack, whole body pain, bone sound.

The colored Jade stage, there are endless terror coercion, such as the surging tide, graciousness between heaven and earth, the body of the people to be frittering.

Very ancient Great Road to recovery?

This is all doubt, this matchless coercion, only the City of God of War in the North field, any monk can not compete.

, Is it just a corpse issued? His lifetime will be how power and influence of terror!

They had to erect, came colored jade station not far, there is no way to go a step further, any ancient treasure useless.

In this case, a person's divine power are severely suppressed, also cast out of mana, but it is not very smooth.

Now, Fan Ye and Oriental wild undoubtedly the most adapt to the environment, the two flesh than the Lord, divine, although weakened, combat power has not decreased.

An old coffin, likely as early as in the Pacific before there is a world without gods, unlock secrets today.

The the coffin not lounging towering Jade stage, but void on ups and downs, hanging in Chaos and Xian Qi, if life.

It's over, we can only stop there, simply can not go a step further, how to do? Eastern Wilderness Road.

The lofty high platform in front, but there is no way close to unbearable from the top of the mighty air-the almost have Xingshenjumie Eritrea.

A group of small trash come here, act recklessly. A young man's voice came from bear hands.

Trash you say who? Oriental Wild licked his lips, which is a harbinger of barbarians shot, lift up the hands of the big stick.

Do not impulse, which is a mighty old blind man stopped him.

A group of trash. This young man contemptuous glance over. Slowly pacing to the party, with a kind of coercion to force people to.

Fan Ye, they feel a little bad, this is a natural disposition but off the mighty, they did not mind, you want to clear the scene.


At this point, another voice sounded. A middle-aged man falter close to here, obviously, towering jade to a great deal of pressure.

Fan Ye mind shouted bad, bad thing

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</h1>Cold Que into a flame in the combustion.

Human Desire Avenue force!

Goddess furnace a hazy, Liu Yu robbery of God come, cutting out a road IPL, submerged in the furnace and into the wide <h2>
</h2> cold Que.


Iraq Qing Wu black hair flying, God clothes were burned to ashes, exposing one as white, such as ivory and moving the carcass, naked, perfect breathtaking.

Suffered Liu Yu robbing the impact of God, she was not a trace of panic. Even naked relatively Fan Ye, the look is still calm. But such as black gem eyes cold.

Send you on the road! The world beauty Lenghe.

She pushed wide cold Que, the intrinsic law regardless of the Goddess furnace invasion, decided to destroy the Fan Ye, avoid bad things happen.

Sage the general resurrection weapons, this moment to play God than ever before, exquisite horror!


Even is the culmination of God, have to come to grief in this situation, and now is far from being the culmination of Fan Ye body plop break anymore.

Finally killed him. Iraq Qing Wu himself.

However, the time is not long, not far from the carnage flash, the Fan Ye body of rebirth, even reproduction God furnace.

You, Iraq eat only a little discoloration, the carcass white jade. Beautiful and flawless face, Chung Ling-hui of heaven and earth, her slender white legs, waistline Yingying a grip, consistent with suet jade, almost dream in the United States.

Fan Ye kill, cold look, black hair flying, light dance naked war with Iraq.

Seven hundred and eighteenth God forbidden areas

In this eternal moment, Fan Ye first experience to death, the first collision with the soldiers of the ancient sage main, the first witness to the spirit of regeneration of carcasses.

This is unique since he embarked on the road of self-cultivation, the statues of ancient gods Guang Han Que intrinsic to his body chopped off!

If it is not held by chaos ancient Emperor Fu, he is really dangerous, most of this
has been a big Eritrea, to take his flesh
and blood rune regeneration, lightning fired at Iraqi light dance.

The his mouth soon Qingchi, eye, flying out of two terrible beam the body bow into a dragon-shaped curve, hands Qi Zhen, a running lunar St. force as black as ink, a running Sun Chi St. Shengru Yang, left and right hands to become a true the yin and yang of God point.

In addition, his body light harsh, dense circle, such as Fo Guang Xia fog transpiration out into a circle, mixed If heaven.

At this moment, his body became a successful Tai Chi lunar and solar Huzhuan, to soft and to just co-exist, the ultimate each other.

Iraq light dance changed color, traces of this channel, the embodiment of the method of the body, surgery to make her look Juzhen, this evolution with Yin Tiande even into saints cloth under one hundred and eight of life and death God-shaped On.

She just running ancient saints weapons, consumes a immeasurable divine power, not immediately waved Guang Han Que, to drink soon light: Bade Lun!

An engraved eight runes, shaped like the sheave God disk in the void, shot down eight beam into eight leader level

Posted by Geliopilm at Thu May 9 02:17:05 2013
</h1>A black woman.

Goddess of hell

Is a completely intuitive, Fan Ye immediately perceived its identity, because she has a special atmosphere, extremely powerful and difficult to assess.


Sky reality collapse, a black woman behind Senluo, not the entity, by the infinite light into a background.

Her body slim, looks weak and weak, but there are breathtaking gas the only Fan Ye and other spiritual sense extremely sensitive person can be sensed.

A mask on her face, I do not know how to cast material can block the eye in the sky peep, it is one hell of a face.

This should be an elegance peerless woman, bring a mask can not say strange, to her the mouth soon Qingchi, sky <h2>
</h2> dark down everywhere Senluo.

At this moment she disappeared, like hell came to the dead, a variety of purgatory, endless temples, countless blood pool, can not look to wear bone Hill, piled up on the vault of heaven.

Swire of all ethnic groups are surprised that they are almost impossible to see through, such as real scene, hell goddess walk through the haunted objects in the scene.


Jianming moving day, from time to time from a variety of purgatory and the blood pool and bone Hill **, people are very hard, hell goddess disappeared into nothingness.

Fan Ye, the first face of the Goddess of the killers, feel each other's strong, but the eye in the sky Xiu view over heaven killing Sea Scrolls will be very passive.

Everything is false, useless for me, Fan Ye rush to sign on behalf of the sword, large-scale cooperation, the collapse of the blood pool, bone destroyed and mountain lift the Fei Senluo temple, God stop killing God.

The girl unpredictable, sometimes hidden from the capture of the eye in the sky, but mostly when the field of vision of the Fan Ye, they quickly pay strike, endless war.

This turned out to be a the almost chopped Road woman, one foot step, lacking only the last cut,
clear your heart of enlightenment.

Even step one foot in the past, combat power is turned upside down, matchless strength, and the total positive Commander Fan Ye, using a variety of fantasy assassination, extremely dangerous.

Today, Fan Ye Sendai Layer 2 days old successful, except for the few with him emerge as a contender in
the ancient imperial parent-child, apparently the goddess of hell is one of the few people.

Variety of light flashes, a pagoda floating flying, but the Fan Ye chances, utilized by Wang Yin H up.


Bone fragments Feishe, bone tower brought down the extremely violent, which out of the thousands of strands of Wu Guang, which is death curse, in mortal.

Fan Ye's body Yi Chan, distraction gold sanctuary, and cut off all the sinister light blocked slay surgery.

The many ancient tribe ministries discoloration, although a lot of people have not seen such a posterity out of Research and Innovation kill, but also aware of the danger, it can corrode Shenhua.

Ancient two major kill

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</h1>Now, said: Hey Hey, We have thick and thin, can be described as life or death, not Kuaifang Kai? Now with the joys, the <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</h2> and quick separation I Xuanhuang essence.

She does not own an outsider, lively and playful, light the way, tilted her head to smile, holding out a delicate and exquisite hand, the sight of the Fan Ye Qing Huang.

Yes, the thick and thin. The Fan Ye mouth with a hint of a smile, patted the side of the position, and motioned her to sit down, and said: You Kyi's house Ancient dictation me out of it.

What? JI chawol, water Lingling big eyes staring at him, said: This is banditry!

Yes, today I just want to robbery. Fan Ye brilliant smile, said: And what should be robbery, treasures to pay out, the ancient classics pay out, one hundred and twentieth eight chapters void the Ancient

Ji chawol mouth slightly Deng Xiang Fan Ye, airway: baby, To the Ancient more, only a fairy life, you figure it out!

You'd be a bachelor. Fan Ye suddenly laugh, and said: Your words, not honest account, I have a lot of means to deal with you.

JI chawol, glistening white teeth nibble lips, head torsional aside, watching the clouds to the sky, to say something, but eventually refrained.

Fan Ye did not immediately hands pressed, he had plenty of time, the moment the most important thing temper Xuan <strong><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</strong> Huang essence of his tripod broken, attached to the green copper is so worried about him.

Vincent round eyes, green copper block motionless shrouded around it Xuan Huang essence, crushed Ding ups and downs, and the mysterious yellow blend, without distinction.

The Ji chawol said makes sense, after the fragmentation of the small tripod, Fan Ye, is not entirely a bad thing, this is an opportunity.

Broken, I would recast! Fan Ye's mind is completely immersed in the spring, the divine power of the wheel at home and carefully squeeze broken tripod.

He is not a direct continuation, have to <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> do more thorough, complete smash the statue Ding thorough integration with the mysterious yellow essence.

Oliver broken tripod like a broken relies instead, divine flow, the mind immersed inside control, as much as to break the illusion.

The the Xuan Huang essence such as Yuet Wah, like Papago, very eye-catching, constantly broken tripod blending consistency, under the control of the Fan Ye, both without each other, becoming a streamer. It is surrounded by green copper rotation, misty, mysterious way, to the last Guanghua intrinsic edge Lianqu, minimalist and simple the, misty mysterious yellow gas natural flow, giving the feeling of unfathomable.

Initial world, the birth of a little day fine marrow, is the mother of all things gas has incredible mysterious force is refining a treasure!

Fan Ye carefully controlled and did not rush Zhuding order to allow complete integration between the two temper gas toward the green copper imprint away.

Xuan Huang Jing the inclusive green copper block, repeated inscription temper want with them as one, engraved on under the natural channel pattern.

This is bound to be a long process needed time to sharpen the initial everything is going smoothly and without incident, with a good start.

In this way, Fan Ye temporary residence beside the lake down the Ji chawol applied a number of road <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>

Posted by Geliopilm at Thu May 9 09:35:35 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</h1>Seventy-two ancient emperors and now in Fan Ye's view, has a lot of mystery, from his own experience to suppose, difficult to find, ancient China shrouded endless fog.

Ancient China, there appears to be a very mysterious period of time, those days annihilation in the vast history, from all the clues can be aware of some cases, ancient ancestors like extraordinary strength.

Ding as that period handed down the most mysterious objects naturally Fan Ye extra value throughout the history of ancient China's most important Hallows, of course he chose heavy.

For this choice, Fan Ye confidence, which is the crystallization of ancient China as his first and foundation, but the best.

The Ding a variety of forms, the most prestigious Yuan Ding and four-foot square of the three-legged tripod, in the end what kind of? Fan Ye consider thin again.

Three-legged round tripod earlier, his mind gradually been decided.

In addition to earlier this reason, there are other reasons, to his monks identity to think, feel round three-legged <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h2> tripod contains some inexplicable reason.

Three-legged than a solid four-legged, is one of the most stable form of round example, contains the righteous is much broader and deeper.

Three-legged, steady, firm, fixed, solid!

The circle represents the cosmos and stars, legend dawn of heaven and earth, is to break open a circle, to broken a spherical space, chaotic initial evolution of the circle represents the origin.

Yes, we chose the three-legged tripod round! After careful consideration and consider, Fan Ye make this important decision.

Want to temper the original pattern of God Synthesizer, is not so easy, this is a difficult and lengthy process, not overnight.

We must first determine the form of the firmly imprinted in mind the sea, in the future it as reference temper, not to be a hint of flaws.

Fan Ye Pu Tizi hand, immersed into an ethereal realm, engraved map in the heart, soul simulated nineteen pattern of God, and then they began to temper stereotypes in mind the sea.

Through unremitting efforts, the nineteen divine pattern melting eventually condensed into <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> a bean golden tripod beginnings of brilliance, perfect.

However, Fan Ye are not satisfied, he always felt worse, perfect shape, rhyme but lack Road.

I still lack Ding ear.

Fan Ye began to temper again, bean golden tripod, slowly temper a tripod ear.

When the golden statue Ding offering into the moment in his mind, Fan Ye suddenly felt a surge of natural Road rhyme, he felt quite satisfied, could not help himself: a tripod, two ears, three foot, Dawson a one two, two three, three things, all things negative yin and yang, the gassing thought and,

Fan Ye then ever feel satisfied, bean golden tripod, more and more mysterious in his eyes, and finally <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> once occupied his full heart of the sea, quaint atmosphere and nature.

Yes, that is it!

Fan Ye stereotypes completed round three-legged tripod forever engraved in his heart, he will begin in Kuhai <a href=>tory burch tote bag</a>

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Posted by Reteflolley at Fri May 10 02:01:57 2013
</h1>Out of breath, after all, to be liberated, to end it all.

The ancient Great had died, there is sufficient evidence, they set foot in the realm
of field, however, there is no end left Peru, was blinded by a day.

Fortune Son, but just mention one only, did not disclose what the secret there Zhefan the terrible consequences, really is awesome.

Fan Ye think of the tragedy, such as ancient heaven palace, and humanoid
lightning, this is really a people unlimited reverie.

Patriarch Do not leave the two of us to die. Two children standing on the side of the Fortune Son, shaking <h2>
</h2> his arm, small face filled with fear.

You two are associated with the soul boy, a man and a woman, a male a female of each other less woe, in the future, as long as it does not get involved in secret taboo days, will not be robbed. Fortune Son is very kind, and touched two children head.

He knows that he is not going to live, it is difficult to the Guards survive, Fan Ye et al. Treated quite two soul boy, said that large benefits.

Fortune Son If Tuogu is transmitted to the outside world to a certain boiling, I do not know how many forces will break the skull scramble, the two soul boy of the future will become a spiritual director, can pinch will be counted, to deduce the secret.

Old blind mind a move, the other two soul boy entrusted to them and wanted to calculate what, or will not.

You would like to ask, which is determined by the trail, this is not to disclose the secret, I'll help you divination. Fortune Son turn a blind eye, when you hear the person's name Pombo, Wuzhong days, Oriental wild deduction up.

Pombo body in Wonderland, is after all the magic robbery, ran past there will be a big opportunity, Fan Ye surprise he heard the news.

Oriental wild are in purgatory, ridden tempered, step back dead, past the 100 off students, exposure to death, you want to survivors, need ironclad Mind and perseverance.

This allows people in a daze, a wonderland in purgatory, which is really extreme, but are in the looting, the degree to survivors.

Tu fly now WuMing, will die on for thousands of years, the future is difficult to see old friends. Heard this news, the hearts of all sank, the world's most sad is the edge of death.

Liu Kou dead, no longer difficult in the world, the people burst sadly powerless to change anything.

When the the deduction small girl, even Fortune Son does not count, she had no past, no future life path chaos.

Fortune Son known in his calculations worldly things, but could do nothing at this time, can not get a thorough understanding of which causal spot cropped up in cold sweat.

This man can not be considered

Then, he instantly change color, Zhang vomit a scarlet blood, wet robes, quickly cut off the secret, such as to avoid the ghost snake.

The Wuzhong days Jianghuai Ren life, who are in prison in this difficult situation will eventually meet the day, people grow breath.

A head, you help me count when the sermon into Wong? Big black dog Intuit thick skinned, went closer to seeking a diagram

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</h1>Entering Sunkist House soon, Lindau dust is an extremely large, please go, there are important matters to discuss, quick to leave.

I looked at how that guy look familiar?

I speak, this is not the best lords, actually ran into the the Sunkist House!

Lords, he is the Eucharist Fan Ye!

No, just kill Pak Tai He tert point of death of his brother Eucharist Fan Ye,

Yes, that's him!

My God, his courage is too big, dare to come here, this is really to keep the Pak Tai Sike,


Fan Ye just come in and caused a sensation, and attracted onlookers, everyone can not believe he would dare to come here.

Oh, it is not homogeneous chick do? Fan Ye just came in to see an acquaintance, precisely Qi troubles.

Qi Princess, absolute beauty, Empress Dowager, called the appearance masterpiece, <h2>
</h2> Wu luminous Kam naturally drawn down, suet jade delicate skin, eye, such as youthful, Erotic Duopo, soft lumbar limbo paragraph paragraph, passing from the side.

regarded as a source of trouble beauty, peerless beauty, reversed beings encounter here just to hear the words of Fan Ye, Liu Mei stood suddenly turned to look.

She turned away, run very fast, but also swing such as willow, graceful and moving figure.

Qi chick you escape? Fan Ye cried after.

I think she is not escape. Pombo feel good.

Princess May-ling, of Jiu God toward people, Fan Ye saw Zhongzhou beauty, eyes of a lag, in Qinling Jiu God toward his shot, since he will not forget.

The the Sunkist House, Canglongwohu, all young excellence from around the world, a princess of the country, the successor of the Holy Land, religion saint, the Temple of the Son of God, the demon Hermitage days demon, seen here is not surprising.

Princess January Ling, the man looking at you. Next to a woman cautioned.

The May Ling Princess Yan world crown, this time not turning the United States suffocating to the side view, a saw Ye Fan, look hesitated, said: He actually came Sunkist House want to what to do?

Suddenly, distant voices, a large group of people came running, Qi troubles twist at the top, waistline, teeth flashing moving shiny, bright red lips, long hair fluttering back.

That's him, give me surrounded arrested! Ordered her unruly.

I say bad, this the Qi chick is Nanling most brilliant jewel in itself is very powerful practice numerous Huhuashizhe, more a the evildoer brother, know a lot of people, which is looking for your trouble. Pombo whispered.

Fan Ye first entered
the the Sunkist House, was surrounded, Qi troubles sowed white and beautiful chin, said: How dare you come here,

Qi chick, I'm here to tell you it does not matter, you do not so enthusiastic good? Fan Ye Road.

Qi Princess pull four or five people, plus a group of onlookers, a congestion.


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Fan Ye golden Mahamudra they shoot down, this time with 80% of the force, teenager Wang Chong big mouth spurting, broken bones seventy-eight.

Really is this doorway, replaced by a half step <h2>
</h2> mighty, I have long been labeled as mess, but you can hold on.

Fan Ye was praised, but Wang Chong hear these words but his face crimson, agonistic, extremely angry, he thought it was a shame.

My brother revenge for the cut, when you die without a burial! Wang Chong eyes of flame, against the unyielding.


Fan Ye in his head took a slap in the face, said: fooling your brother comparable mighty, they can not kill me.

They what, my brother called ancient emperor reincarnation, a finger can destroy you, do not think you run faster, even if you run away you can kick out.-Year-old boy Wang Chong cried.


Fan Ye cap on his head and a slap in the face, said: I wait for him to come to me now or resolved before you to all Treasure brought it.

He began to blatant looting sudden snatch first bottle of chalcedony wins to the hands, while the the after Wang Chong earthquake out of the bus, Guanghua flash, the ancient chariot into one inch tall, in his palm, erase the mark, to close up.

You me, it is my baby! Wang Chong angrily cried out, until this moment was like a child lost his favorite objects.

Also your head! Fan Ye a carry over, to explore round sea Palace Road, took out a bunch of baby.

Many treasures over wanzai ancient medicine no less than a dozen plants, can be used to protect life, and Dragon pulp is three bottles,
each bottle has a dozen drops, golden color, a look that is top grade.

In addition, there are a jade tablet, engraved with the real dragon printed a complicated
mystery glance is an operation of God handed down seriously and try to ponder the matter.

It's a good boy, so many treasures, I do not know how to thank you. Fan Ye smile.

Ancient chariot is the king of weapons, with nine magic precious and of inestimable value, come up to the auction, then the Lord must grab the lethal scary, difficult to assail Feng.

Long pulp, intrinsic law of debris, the Hualong Fam monks enlightenment, if its complement, can be more effective, with infinite magical effect.

The real dragon printed and hold Shan Yan, Wang printed a series, Fan Ye vaguely feel, may also have some connection occult treasures.

Fan Ye, even if you kill me, they would not live much longer, wait, my brother will inevitably you Yongjhen nether living death! See Fan Ye, raising his hand downward pressure to Wang Chong loud shouting.

So small so violent, I still early to get rid of this scourge. Fan Ye reached out a finger, to go to his eyebrows.

Oh, if who know that we watched his brother die, it will probably be shot for us!

Rear, all changed color, many people shot, a variety of magic

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>Two Emperor Bing confrontation, daily he will be pushed magic tank, a ray of Wu Guang, tap the clock hanging in the stone walls above.

Not Zodiac magic tank, not the green copper, even saints have long been into the slag, and no one can block the Zhong Bo, it is devastating.

No beginning and bell from the Ming, which is beyond imagination, like someone pushed, Fan Ye deeply understand the terrible, no wonder that Emperor Bing Qi bombers are unsuccessful.

When the world, perhaps only swallow the demons tank also the complete unity unmanned reusable Suzi Ming confrontation without beginning bell.


Zhong Bo not be extinguished, even the ring more than two months, Ye Fan White with San shell has been a rift in the end he still be affected.

However, more than two months since his harvest is huge, the clock roar, magic cans vibration, Road lines criss-crossing everywhere.

His body sitting swallow the day tank, armed with two old copper side of body care while quietly understanding the practice, more than two months worth two years

At this moment, he came to understand how difficult, three cents chopped Road, not to mention two months arrived two years is arrived two hundred years.

Cents cut, and he was in the end to be chopped off what?

Fan Ye was stuck in here, he almost lost, he found too many fetters, the people are the chopped

Since ancient times, this hurdle did not know stopped by how much <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> scared to change my life, ancient books, records, ancient, several alarmed the Guards Wizards of the ancient and modern, perish falls off, or may be on more than a few bit the Great.

And, a The legend also Terran Great crushed almost three cents this bridge, we can imagine how difficult.

Mediocrity can not be ran past, but the more powerful encountered resistance may also be larger, so-called talent may become the natural moat divide of the road before.

Listen without beginning chimes, watching swallow the demons tank shock, Fan Ye quietly realized, motionless, even if the body has the addition of some cracks, but also fearless.

San shell between the eyebrows, a golden gods sit cross-legged, that is his own, hold Ding Hop Road, listen to the rhythm of the clock wave the magic can continue to enlightenment in their own ways.

Cents chopped Road, it takes a lifetime to strive and work hard, but <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> it does not pay ground, hard results, days of to cut humanity, to destroy the foundation.

Since ancient times, no one can be done overnight, no one has ever pass the test successfully, the ancient Great so, to cut Road to life.

Two months, while <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> listening to the channel tone, St. shell Sendai, the statue of golden villain more and more bright, hold Ding-one, bursting out nine immortal God ring.

He upgraded to the ninth small step of the Sendai Layer 2 days, is, if not two Emperor soldiers in the confrontation, if not in the meat shell of a saint, he has already crossing the robbery.

I believe that once return to the main body, the flesh and soul, he would immediately crossing the robbery, a Layer 2 days most definitely strong British.

The three cents, too difficult, how hard this step can not step, and eventually he sighed.


Last a bell <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

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</h1>It invited him to go there.

Wish for, thank Yan Xianzai good intentions. Tu fly pre-empt promised on his behalf.

The then trouble Yan Princess. Fan Ye also had to nod.

Big black dog listless not slip, but there are eye glory flash did it for the ancient classics come, into the Beastkin
Great descendants mansion exact mind.

To open up the small world of the ancient sages of the same, and some lifeless, some vibrant, large radius of hundreds <h2>
</h2> of small radius Ji Zhang.

Qing Jiao Wang found in this small world, the radius of the foot more than two hundred years, be regarded as broad, his White poly naturally to a lot of Yaozu.

In fact, Yaozu into human form after, there is little difference between human and even living habits have begun to close.

This small world a demon city, the scale is not large, but it is also very busy, sold the elixir with Jane source, in exchange for soldiers refining material mostly.

Dong Fu of a beautiful woman in a beautiful area, located in a beautiful mountains, ten miles from the demon city, to place silver waterfall, such as training, lush vegetation, magnificent.

Every hill has a house, there are many vacant buildings and arrange for them to stay, naturally there is no problem, there is a special demon serve.

Fan Ye chose a pure land, this picturesque mountains, pine forests, temples nestled among the springs gurgling bypass, fell from the foot of the mountain.

Not old temple is kind of a place? Until the time when no one, the Fan Ye ask coated fly.

It was the ancient sages left by an ancient temple, Qing Jiao Wang obtained, in which practice, delaying the passage of life element, not old miraculous.

So magical? Fan Ye surprised, at the same time, a cold heart, such features would not it for the presence of the the Pombo body another chance of surviving.

Not old temple is indeed very mysterious, the Qing Jiao Wang has been deduced, trying to figure out at the complex channel pattern, old mysteries.

This is priceless ah! Big black dog eyes shine, said: Road lines the inside of the inscription down, there will be far-reaching effects.

Which is cool to stay go! Painted mouth bitten by a dog, always kept.

Damn, boy you respect me, will you begged me. Big black dog black with a straight face.

Fan Ye quickly interrupted them, otherwise I guarantee staged dog battle.

Not old temple where that can take me to the pleasure of seeing.

Coated fly startled, said: I said small leaves in the end you want to do, do not deflect the idea, but Qing Jiao Wang
baby will provoke disaster.

Do not worry, I will be out. Fan Ye laughed.

The coated fly worthy of the name of the big mouth, not control his mouth, self-care will not old the LORD said, pointing from afar, said: See those clouds, not the old house floated above the clouds.

Never fall ancient temple, Fan Ye surprised.

Will not sink, very mysterious, ancient sages leave the house. Painted her husband the mouth not hide words.

Fan Ye in some detail to understand, rubbed his chin, did not say anything.

I said small leaves Freeze! Painted fly warning

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</h1>I Li the gods sub-come here, there is bound to be a stunning World War II, Young wishes to Orthodoxy San Wei Li Tian impassioned.

Qi troubles curl one's lip, no favor to him.

Beauty you must not underestimate, I is wishes to channel leader in the the Big Dipper domain the Daxing I teach, I will be the main earth, Harbourside.

Is a flower thief? Qi troubles very sturdy said, to make the look of disdain, said: kill one thousand, eight hundred.

Do not take me and those who are not goods guy on, I am a good, moral heritage, the iron law, aspiring five young leader.

Night was diffuse, floral, pine forests and quiet down long after the the Fan Ye south demon ask East shortage situation, the information obtained previously heard similar.

I'm into the East shortage that time, kill several Swire strong family, all with the the Proterozoic same family, but chase down did not find your old friends. South diabolism.

Fan Ye, expressed his gratitude South demon and how deep friendship can do this step is hard to come by, and now the world who are willing to provoke the Pacific all ethnic groups? Want to protect themselves in troubled times in the future, to avoid too.

Swire of all ethnic groups, there are ancient king sleep, once awakened, one family who can be the enemy? You really want to be with their enemies, must be dead mountain sea of 鈥嬧€媌lood, no one can be in opposition front, the Saints to breathe.

Yuet Wah, such as thin smoke, sprinkle in the pine trees, such as the large white feathers, springs gurgle extremely Xiang Jing, as a poetic conception.

Late at night, the Fan Ye stood up and said: Tell me the Purple days the specific <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> location of engraved a Chuan Songzhen the I.

Good up South demon, a witch in another mountain to open an ancient array.

You have to kill the gods Valley alone Little Lord? But there Longtanhuxue, his powerful Needless to say, there are a number of terrible tribe into Nanling a stronghold Qi troubles Meimou the blink.

Fan Ye smiled and said: Tonight is over <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> that base will cease to <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h2> exist.

Megalomaniac. Qi troubles glanced at him.

Drunk, hemp, crisp, and then a smile will ascend to heaven. Li cried days.

Go to hell Qi troubles cut out fiercely at him.

Past have offended imprisoned you a month, do not take it personally. The Fan Ye apologize.

You die Qi troubles freak foot Ye Fan kick on the array table, fool a few people are in a daze, this girl really sturdy, even the Eucharist according kick is not wrong, you know this is just killed including the Kitahara remote antiquity family, including the main eight mighty ruthless.

Ancient array desk interwoven with a texture, echoes with the stars of heaven, all activated, Yaoguang transpiration, from where they disappeared.

Suzaku City, for Nanling Ten ancient city of, has a long history, as early as the era of text.

This is an ancient Giant City Bird in Suzaku tweets According to legend, built the base from the city, it is named after.

In the middle of the night, the on Long Star sparse, his trio crossed the void, unwilling to tens of thousands of miles into this city <a href=>tory burch outlet</a>

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<h1><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</h1>Obviously, the remote <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</h2> antiquity, many people come here, leaving many traces.

A full ten thousand meters forward, Fan Ye came to an end, he heard the sound of water crashed.

Anterior, only one straight down a deep hole, the sound of water was sent from there.

Fan Ye looked down, feeling the underground river Senhan, like a dull knife scraping the meat, the skin was stinging.

There are strange,

He little thought, then plop to jump into the underground river before the trip.

River to the bone, his divine body care, still felt the chill, forward about ten miles underground river edge gradually mining ax marks.

Fan Ye gritted his teeth, and move on, he discovered an unusual phenomenon, the underground river the same direction, straight into forward twenty miles remain so.

Finally, he walked along the underground river, before a full four or five miles, and finally stop.

At this point, he felt a great danger appeared in front of a large funnel-like black holes, all underground river flows into, like never filled it.

I do not know why, here, the Fan Ye excited Lingling shiver that similar large funnel-like front of a huge black hole, such as being able to devour his mind, let him have one the feeling of horror.

This is not a good place, I was from probe jade, I would like to enter into that purple mountain, there is no need here at Risk.

Fan Ye do not want to rush in-depth the leading underground massive black hole, and return the same route along the underground river, until the re-emergence <strong><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</strong> of the ancient mine breath.

Hey! At this time, Fan Ye suddenly surprised, think of what himself: Is it,

He quickly rushed out of a length of 10,000 meters, kilometers deep ancient mine, came to the ground, and then to determine the underground river orientation, on the ground running.

When to go out for dozens of years, will come to an underground river end of the corresponding Fan Ye surprise.

In front of a tower mountain cross in Scarlet earth, blocking the path, such as a Qiu Long, winding, towering tall.

The purple mountain center in all directions together, a total of nine mountain, which is a.

It's big! Fan Ye sigh radius of dozens or even nearly 100 years, with tall purple mountain.

Fan Ye more than once flew high-altitude observation the nine one end of the mountain are directed at the purple mountains, very regular.

He little thought for a moment, return Shizhaishan, purple <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> mountains, nine mountains in accordance with a certain proportion scribing leather, and gave Zhang Wuye said: what about terrain features, to ask him?

Zhang Wuye live here, after all, just a mortal, it is not possible to conduct high-altitude, such as Fan Ye is so, all as much as possible close the eyes.

When you see the piece of clear relief maps, he was surprised to stand up, said: This is, you actually see it.

So you know all this?

My ancestors, because nine mountains, and see the the Purple Mountain extraordinary. Leather the Zhangwu Ye will spread out, and said: You look like even <a href=>tory burch outlet</a>

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<h1><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</h1>Bloody clots of blood swirling.

Fan Ye gripped with <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> gray hair creatures too tyrannical, only the end of the six live the life of a face to face.

Qing Chi came the sound of a man and a woman to land a shake light elders, another name is Jade Pool elders, shot, headed towards the gray-haired creatures.


Muffled roar, dull thunder, shook the popular blood crest, do not know when a huge blood sword in its hands, up to two meters, enough foot wide, red, almost flirtatious, as if there is a fairy The blood is flowing.


Matchless <strong><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</strong> power and influence, monstrous rage and ferocity, armed with the Sword rushed forward, gray hair flying, the sky is gray, such as a waterfalls in flying.

Simply can not resist, broken the blood jianpi of it in the hands of the elders of the shake light weapons, is cut open his body, from which it rushed past, any blood spatter.

Such power and influence, is no way to match figures of up to two meters of the Sword swept the elders of the Jade Pool escaped alive chipping.

Simple and direct, brutal and cruel and unforgiving!

Fan Ye's life activities to a minimum, bodily functions almost stopped, this gray-haired creatures can not match, the devil is really a living, he had to hide.

Carnage than several hundred meters, turned over, the creature did not fall into darkness, and flew it to the street.

Really the beginning was the restricted area of 鈥嬧€媌iological?

Fan Ye quickly rushed out of the tens of meters outside another heavy yard rockery Li Desheng pulled out.

Do not kill me, rough skin and flesh delicious! Li Desheng head in his hands, trembling.

I am. The Fan Ye gave him a slap in the face, before allowing them to wake up, asked: You are born Yin Ming eyes, just that is really the beginning was the biological restricted area?

It must be, you did not see what it looks like? Li Desheng see Ye Fan, a little calmer, but still some fear in the eyes.

You Yin Ming watched it? Fan Ye shaking his shoulder.

I spare some time to escape too late, it is still not a fake? Li Desheng panic around, said: Long Road, we get out of it.

He just distance you but ten meters are not in for the kill, you do not have to worry about anything. Here, Fan Ye Chen Sheng said: Implicit in the dark to see the invading organisms in the end is the beginning was the restricted area, or someone posing as the.

He spoke these words disappeared in the darkness, gray hair creatures just went straight to his house away, this place can not be spent, elders not shake light and Jade Pool too, were unable to stop it.

Fan Ye some do not believe that the beginning was the penalty area from biological, rather doubt, he always felt that the other side may be directed to his Phoenix blood pure gold.

Can not stay here, the Jade Pool also more likely than he. <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> Fan Ye want to disarray Dunzou, this time there is no block, may be able to get out.

He has to find a place, whole body bone crackling, dropped from Vulcan stove burning into ashes, into a teenager, wearing a purple gray robes.

Change the world Dafa has initially small achievements, not only can change the appearance, even the <a href=>tory burch miller</a>

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</h1>The face of the Great Tsing Yi did not dare have
the slightest resistance, but high above the monks like Pombo, it is necessary to shot.

His terrible strength matchless kill the party <h2>
</h2> leader, such as tear painting, it was impossible to measure exactly how tyrannical.


Demon emperor only forward step by step, no one any offensive action, the foot tall creatures screams loudly, one hundred and eight God ring collapse, followed by the body into light, evaporated clean.

This is how power and influence? The parties leader can not help but suck down air conditioning, was kneeling on the ground of a move did not dare move, raised their hands to lift the foot stamp offal aftermath exterminate a matchless master.

Green Emperor risen!

Amazing eternal demon emperor reborn!

People exclaim, all could not help trembling, the news too with the impact, fingertips moment million years, who thought the death of the Great, actually reproduce the world.

And is born in his original birthplace, is still accompanied by a green copper was born, and this is the first major event to shake heaven and on earth, no one can calm relative.

Why did this young Emperor Shou-Yuan dried up, already Zuohua, what happened?

The ancient Great did not die through, do not come back on earth?

Weili incredible, in this world there is no way to contend with, which is beyond the scope of the Zodiac divinity!

Everyone talking about the soul has a feeling of suffocation, a living Great reproduction subvert the people a lot of cognitive, actually.

A living, Great!

More than a foot long Xiaoqing Qiang, more than half a foot of the ferricyanide God Phoenix Kirin, there would only pull carts, and eight of the first open villain, all rushed over.

Even is demon Lord, Shenseng, Lord, Wong main front, will also be rolled into fly ash, they have an indomitable, extremely powerful force.

However, in the face of the young emperor they seem such as dust forlorn, from Tsing Yi Ying-Wei men there are more than ten feet, one after the evaporation of a clean.

A team of powerful creatures, could have killed
all those present, but the face of the young Emperor did not fight back all wiped out, that night as the previous day.

Ancient Great horrible, there is no way to try to speculate cultivation ah! People can only be the case marvel.

Not far away, a Cabernet flash, third-generation source Fearless dozen orang-monster Thriller, want to escape the the demon emperor divinity let them be terrified.

However, just ran out a few steps, one after another orang creature fell down, one sacred place to force resistance.

Young emperor a step-by-step way, wave eyes overflow plume of glaucoma, their path, sent waves of sound, very peaceful, a dozen orang-biological purification, the body to take smoke, redness of the skin hair all burned burned the.


Pain shouting came more than 10 months ashes of the flesh, a another round after round of carnage from those in the human body from the red to the Flying Dunzou

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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h1>Powerful ancient creatures kicked, a move out, leave this piece of Kwu Tung.

This is how the king, with his weekdays temperament is not the same as if, an ancient creatures leave Kwu Tung, came to earth cautiously said.

It seems a bit too arrogant conceited? Other ancient creatures cold channel: You follow the main so long, could not even see out of it? Wang deliberately so, tried to stop Wang Teng, would not let him get involved.

Little Lord want scored the mother of all things gas Ding, as well as all other Eucharistic body fetish?

That goes without saying, the king needs to prepare for future sermons things, that the Eucharist body suitable, however, by nature do the wedding dress for the little master!

Days in the mountains, an ancient geographical north field, many mountains are broken, more countless abyss, a very desolate scene.

Fan Ye flew up into the <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> clouds, came far enough highly looked down, I saw on the ground which roads lead to huge canyon, turned out to be a Road Jianhen that abyss, there are many fewer fingerprints!

He can not help but suck down air conditioning, lofty number of long rift, are actually playing out on the ground do not see that in the end is how powerful <h2><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</h2> caused by the presence of all this?

Off mountains, deep valleys, all this is extremely long, feel kind of atmosphere, when Swire before, is not due to the Terran, when it is an extremely distant battlefield relics.

I was close to the north field,

Here, in the domain of the north field border, adhering to Chidi characteristics of tens of thousands of miles, with no vegetation, bare everywhere.

Fan Ye traveled all the way, aimlessly, only for self-cultivation, to enhance their repair, unknowingly crossed here.

The heart of the north field, miss small girl, worry no beginning and heritage, most of my heart embodies it. He said to himself, instinctively came to the north, most relevant here.

Suddenly, a rock over a portal, purple flashing, two powerful Swire creatures move came out, one saw another cliff Fan Ye.

Terran Eucharist!


Two ancient creatures roar, they even know the the Terran language, wanted to be born, well prepared.

From which ancient mountain million dragon nest, or the restricted area was in the beginning, or purple mountain? Fan Ye is very calm, asked, frowning.

We come from the valley of the gods, is one of the the Swire most royal origin. Terran Eucharist, sensible, then you will Ding and body Treasure of the various pay out!

Fan Ye laugh, since ancient times, biological mouth to say such a thing to make people feel very alternative, he replied: This is robbed me?

You're right, but also borrow your head is a another Swire creatures approached.

This family from the Valley of the gods, were very majestic, not purely the royal family, who are charged with all scales, has a human form, In addition there are the wings of God, or horns.

These two ancient creatures <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> is extraordinary, beyond the half-step mighty, has taken a crucial <a href=>tory burch sale</a>

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>Off will be able to perception of the natural world.

Look large Yannanfei, water away, listen to Yudabajiao, falling the imperfections, Xiquan stone upper class, and sometimes there is a Ming Wu.

He wander the landscape, the Wandering the streets, both physically and psychologically extremely relaxed, put down the pains and sorrows, detached out.

This is a kind of spiritual tranquility, does not seek at all times to maintain, just such a body odor.

Drop everything, even <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> the mountains are more Mingxiu. Fan Ye himself, sustains a skiff on the middle reaches of the lake in the misty rain.

Monks non-cents, people have emotions, the need to experience all the Red, so attributed to the natural, is a transcendent life, is also a state of mind.

Son of a look that is a busy man, weekdays rare leisure time. The boat masters of the old Agriculture and Fisheries Road.

Boat cabin, the fire rises, the old <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> Agriculture, Fisheries and make the best of a few lake fish dishes, and remove the rice wine, placed on a wooden table.

Fan Ye sit cross-legged down, while tours to see the view of the lake in the misty rain, while light discretion slow drink, it is peace of mind, a quiet mind.

This man good spirits. The next canoe plan to, braving the rain, put on hold in the lake, is the king body Kyi Kyi's house God bright moon.

Boat, too white moon Ji chawol of them in the rain tours of the lake, but did not drink, nor fisherman rowing.

Fan Ye smiled, held the glass to indicate, then drained, he has not revealed truth, opposite the two meet, not knowledge.

Mist filled the air, thin smoke-filled, hazy, distant lake and a small boat on the line stood a young man, a Tsing Yi, Si Wu light hair, and into the heavens and earth, have a sense of charm.

Fan Ye surprised actually shake the light of the Son, and no longer, as in the past, God ring cage body, dazzling now there are only natural.

Breakthrough, reached another realm. East Arakami Wang Ji bright moon whisper.

Ji chawol eyes flashed the cleverness of color, muttered, no one <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</h2> has to hear, then frowning nasal Joan said: I also want a small drink rice wine.

On this side, Fan Ye smiled, raising his hand to send over an unopened jars, two Dongkuai fish from the lake.

In this case, the shake optical Son to near to, smiled and said: 'Well now is not too late. He's such a touch of glow bloom, very bright.

Empty Ming Yun waves flowing purple, a woman and into the misty rain, give a person a kind of feeling of Heaven Imitation of Nature.

The Purple Palace Joan of innate Road tire to the purple haze around the body, so ethereal standing in front of, but it almost does not belong to this world.

Almost at the same time, water vapor flowing, of Yao Chi Joan Limbo come, has entered the lake, the UFA clouds, graceful figure and purity.

Fan Ye was surprised, to occasional shortage is the most powerful of several young people in the East wanted to talk about in this, he gathered here, I do not know why.

Go Plains, challenges many the same East shortage monks, to use the service of each other. Ji bright moon openings.

Fan Ye finally understand, they will go to the Central Plains, Meet-friendly, and in front of an important place, for Kou peak, want to find a total of opportunity.

According to legend, when HengYu Great <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>He has nothing to do.

He should run away, and really let me down, the Eucharist is much better than this, just a gutless coward! Quiet month in town, yin and yang, the Son sneer.

Everyone aghast onlookers feel a Avenue gas machine, black and white two channel power is shrouded in his Shenpan, such as open days of chaos in the rough.

Yin and yang Son tall, surface such as Guan Yu, wearing a purple crown, black shawl, bear a black-and-white Heavenly Sword, such as the deep sea as <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> unfathomable.

They're all the way north down, be recovered from time to now. Some people stir up troubles in the dark acoustic remind.

He can not escape my palm, this time I came to the East shortage is to be chopped off his head, the yin and yang Heavenly Sword does not drink blood does not go! Yin and yang Son cold channel, carrying his hands, look to the far north.

Then, he soared into the sky, the people actually turned into a yin and yang diagram, imprinted in the void, such as light like electricity, did not blink of an eye into the horizon in the north.

The yin and yang Son terrorist body and Road together, rare in this world speed!

Zhongzhou Supreme worthy of a large teaching Son, evidently only Son of East shortage, they were not under ah!

The minds of many awe-inspiring, all felt terrible heritage of the Central Plains, the doors are so, leader level figures can be imagined.

Chasing the past, we take a look at.

Yes, this priority is not to be missed!

All quiet on the city many monks chase it down, you want to witness the war, many people feel that the Eucharist odds are against us.

Finally, they catch up with five thousand miles away Fan Ye them here from a city far away, but still in the wilderness.

Fan Ye Are you satisfied life Come on! Yin and yang Son shouts into yin and yang diagram cut off the road ahead, the void collapse!


A flash of light, he emerged out, stand in front of the bear hands, proudly standing in the void, overlooking Fan Ye few people, filled with murderous.

Yin and yang Son is very powerful body with the Tao, so chase down, the Son can not do! Lee Blackwater scared.

You are to take away my life? Fan Ye stood in the wilderness, his head and look to the sky, the sound is very plain.

Yin and yang Son disdainful smile, said: originally wanted to cut off your head Heavenly Sword, but you have become a waste.

Since it is not to kill me, please leave it. Ye Fan interrupted his <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> discourse.

If I teach saint sword <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> and cut off your really afraid of your bloody sword does not cut the quadrupole Fam nobody. Yin and yang Son sneer again and again, looking down at Fan Ye, cold channel: I direct Bidiao Hello!

Wang, big black dog to listen to this discourse, clamor: pet What are you mad, to destroy the Emperor while you!

Quiet on the city after another arrived, hear these words a dog got a little dizzy vegetables.

Yin and yang, the Son of the younger generation of extremely expert, as prominent in the Central Plains, such as angels stick month surround, the successor to North Korea with the immortal God on an equal footing.

However, a large dog clamor to have received his human pet, it is people <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

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</h1>Words left by the fourth generation of the founder. Fan Ye pine saw a bench stone, inscribed with a lot of writing.

He felt sigh, source tianshic old age really terrible, the fourth generation of the founder of to devoting himself hiding in the beginning was the penalty area, were able to escape unharmed.

With the potential of this place, still can not change anything, the most terrible kind of psychological torture, you can imagine, it would be infernal torment.

Fan Ye carefully read the writing on the stone lying, he found a turnaround, which makes him a bit of shock, pine forest surface really sealed the fourth generation of the founder.

However, if the handheld Source Book will trapped in, this is the the source days of the <h2>
</h2> fourth generation of founder cloth veins dictates, in order to allow future generations to come to accept the inheritance, their lifelong effort sublimation with the out.

Fan Ye worship in silence to the depths of the pine and worship, and what a pity generation Warren, earth-shattering before the end still can not change their destiny.

I do not want old age through this suffering,

Half an hour later, Fan Ye rock carvings left by the fourth generation of the founder smoothly out of the pine forest, not dangerous.

Looked back, moonlight, water, picturesque pine forest, a quiet.

Fan Ye sigh a sigh of relief, detract from the fourth generation of the founder, even the bones failed to leave, what happened?

He fly away, in Scarlet earth into a wisp of smoke, far away from this piece of Jedi.

Hundreds of years, for him, nothing, no more than thrown in the behind.

Standing in front of a few shadows in the moonlight, body hazy brightness, a lot, a whole six.

Fan Ye almost any eventuality, and six people are safe and sound, it is easy wait here, which is really two encounters, but he possessed nothing to complain about, after all, has been the source surgery heritage.

I said, little brother, you are really audacious, telling us to run, you do not like terrible toward the pine forest.

Yeah, a head, we all thought you sacrifice their lives for others, we want to fulfill.

Li Desheng Chen Huai vision he come back alive, very surprised, and so spoke.

Fan Ye mouth twitching, really no way to explain, Patriarch summoned can not do?

The Road long you have what fierce things? The Yao Chi Joan Jingwen she mist Raoshen, did not see the true capacity, but it can perceive her earnest and serious.

There is nothing. Fan Ye puzzled, looked to her.

No, there must be fierce things, my body is sensitive to Mibao, extremely dangerous. Jade Pool Joan of sound, such as the sounds of nature, very solemnly asked: You are not what artifacts from the beginning was the restricted area?

Fan Ye mind awe-inspiring, he suddenly thought that greenstone Genki, in
addition, he could not get what.

Guanghua flash, Fan Ye Genki take out care in the palm, Yuet Wah idea is somewhat crystal.

Joan Jade Pool to see fast backward a few steps, eyes brilliance, surprise: The terrifying atmosphere, which is a fierce thing.

Alkaid Son and Xi Yao back out, they believe that the judgment of the Jade Pool Joan.

I think I've heard this kind of thing, to see the profile exposed
dignified color

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</h1>Many teaching tempted many people are exposed to breathtaking sights, looking forward to this boy grew up.

Wang Xu big hate, The Terran Eucharistic not send a disciple he hit with a bad horse, it is a big shame.

My teacher a pulse is not weaker than, the world heritage unparalleled method recovers to you, he swallowed their anger away.

But this is wrong to accuse Fan Ye, he had just arrived at the East shortage, do not arrange this, simply do not know these things.

1085th St. poly-restricted area of 鈥嬧€媗ife

There are half a year's time to open the door to Star, Fan Ye frown, for the past many years, not know Ji chawol, South demon, Pombo how, if someone imminent demise.

Strong may not be able to live the weak is not necessarily imminent demise, the ancient road is very long, if think it is too dangerous, you can choose to stop there, not necessarily to the end. This is the old sage said.

Fan Ye returned to the East shortage, the way he look at the corner of dye bloody clothing, did not observe what is so special. Without a word, only a little bit of blood, such as plum blossom.

This is Ji bright moon returned by special means, when Sunkist government of the people are shocked, did not know he discovered how a Chuan Songzhen station, shipping will clots of blood, and failed to return to.

King himekami returns Scarlet jersey, I do not know what kind of information to express Ji chawol is therefore embarked on a Star Road, to the extra-territorial.

Fortune Son of Zhongzhou many years ago has been deduced to become immortal Road will be open, this world would be very terrible, is not a saint, will become the ants, the departure of Huang, West Buddha, shaking light, something that is not avoid misfortune.

Fan Ye himself, before leaving, the Sunkist House old saint said, it comes to some of the secrets behind this is not known to outsiders.

Fortune Son has long Zuohua the the
many years, to be exact is tenrai hack alive, because he violated the taboo, should not probe the secret is revealed, with the ancient Great, and to become immortal.

Star ancient road, not the proprietary way the Beidou This source of life Star, in front of node Sunkist House
from the mysterious channels that

Could it be that, Rong Cheng Shi with the ginseng fruit trees go in front, I rode young cattle into the ancient road, named Feixianguan ancient star, or more distant, God blood fly sprinkle ancient ancestors <h2>
</h2> fighting? Fan Ye himself.

Fan Ye returned to the East shortage, standing on a sky-line peaks, so many years past, he has grown up from the bottom monks, can stand one party, overlooking the Bahuang.

However, this is not enough

Cents Mausoleum buried who God Emperor Hui? When can I get into the deep shortage ancient abyss down to see what happens the day I can dig into immortality mountain Xianyao, which date to get into the beginning was the ancient mine to see a transparent?

East shortage has seven restricted area of 鈥嬧€媗ife, eons, no one can really proven, Fan Ye desire

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One of the big steps
forward, Chen Sheng said: just ancient array has become, although not yet offering Diagrams, but can also be given source gas, but why you pushed source of power?

Do not compare with other sources Alchemist. Replied Fan Ye, a sweep just young people, his eyes cold, these people have heart drama jump.

Either you offer all kinds of means, worth of source surgery, in <h2>
</h2> front of the absolute combat power, all in
vain. A big opening, flying out of the other two to take the ancient array, forced forward.

Get back!

Fan Ye shall clap their hands in the void, and mighty who fight Mana, Boom, was actually a note Ying Han, to royal strong Zhentui, inverted flight back, shrieking loudly.

Eight ban areas! Everyone exclaimed, and my heart is shocked.

But even if there are eight forbidden areas, he also needs close to Sendai heaven interim fishes, otherwise how could against a mighty? Many people are exposed to different color, they know that the Eucharist breakthrough, this speed scary.

The other two mighty power deep thick, beyond just the man, sullen fly over the Eucharist together repression.

Get out of here also go back!

Fan Ye stood, Doushou to reposition itself in a few pieces of divine origin, such as prayer flags flying in different regions, stand in front of the palace, millions of Rune flashes mark the void.

Source gas boiling, two mighty road ahead was blocked and can not forward, every footstep of waste a great deal of effort, all surprised inexplicable.

Couto offering live Budokan!

One of them commanded Diagrams rapid evolution in the sky, a king breath lunged infinite incantation flashing, into tangible quality, branding the void.

Whole majestic buildings protected on the inside, and they take this red-white, want to be close to Fan Ye, kill the front.

Rip, rip,

Fan Ye fingertips flying out of one and a big fist divine origin, all come into the palace, around this. At the same time, he continuous attack, piece by piece Rune hit in the void. Viewed from afar, this Shihfang over many shiny things are characters, such as molten iron cast, flashing shiny.

Your source surgery has long been known to the people, would also like to take this to us, it is useless. A mighty Road.

The Budokan the ancient worthies carved Tao pattern can not only the enemy, but also broke the world trend, with incredible divinity, even the Lord can starve.

In the past, it was this martial Figure killed in northern domain source division, they have sought this treasure map, natural in order to deal with Fan Ye, to prevent accidents.

The sky goes Diagrams slowly turning every turn the whole place upside down in a mysterious power, freezing this empty exclusion the Fan Ye cloth source Tenjin pattern.

Method through Lawspirit, when a person is powerful to the extreme, it really can impact all areas, a Budo God figure actually all-inclusive, can resolve the world trend!

Fan Ye mind awe-inspiring, to give birth to the warning signs, realizing that even

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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h1>Hint of crisis, did not dare to continue, and therefore came to the forest, he did not want to inexplicable Zuohua off.

Ye - cover - day, I give you out!

On this day, the shortage Lu again sounded light drink, the sky clouds and raging, the the Spirit Mountain direction of shadows Chao Chao, do not know how many master all five domains Aviva.

Such a <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</h2> large number of people, all have their own extraordinary experience, everyone is a party to legend, to come together it is not easy.

And at the moment, enough to have more than 150 people came to the shortage Lu, formed a powerful pressure cents fog bursts, rolling clouds, heavenly <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> days will come.

Ye shrouded you out! A woman's voice was cold, although the voice is very appealing, but with a hint of chill.

Santo brother back to the city, not in here. The nose baby wipe a nose, honest cupola air, shouted: You ride so much they reveal to us eat greasy.

Eat goods! Qi the Princess Shenpan of a servant was in a rage, cold voice hum.

Go! Qi Princess toss cents clothing, mastering the colorful clouds fly to Cottage City, the rear men are all far follow them specifically to watch the battle.

Is because Qi Princess one off, there will certainly be big waves, the beauty, such as Sin, or a pepper dumping country beauty, nothing spicy, not to mention the beloved Ryoma eat.

Lu outside the city, colored clouds floated, the pressure falls outside the city, dense haze, heaven's door open.

Santo, big bad, to a lot of fairy!

A lot of people panic, running and report, Fan Ye heard off big bow on the wall, back a good Arrow pot, a big step and went out.

Santo Why not escape it?

Hunting, you eat meat! Fan Ye replied.

Ye shrouded you gave me out! Qi Princess shouted, crisp sound, such as large and small pearls falling into a jade plate, but there was a surge of murderous diffuse.

Ye Fan out also awed to see so many people, the the Sunkist House is not not at liberty to access it?

If these 150 people on even a few mighty have running, this is not just strong, are the king of all parties in the future, five domain of the elite.

You also Ryoma! Cried a servant, unashamedly, the presence of the master, he could without fear.

You came my territory to make trouble I do for you? Fan Ye asked, he has nothing to fear, big deal to leave Cleveland, would like to study and understanding of the shortage Lu, you can always come back.

In front of a large dark mass of people, but most of them are to onlookers, many people muttered.

The lord Age is not large, ah, game losing streak even more than the master, it really is a <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> freak, why not into Sunkist House?

On behalf of the East shortage monks crowd! Rear, a voice came boil chatter, I do not know who shouted.

Fan Ye feel familiar, remembered that, which is Jianghuai Ren, imagine that they are really into the mix, according to repair <a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>

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</h1>Inter removed.

Crazy old was the only survivor, a lot of people want to know, 6,000 years ago, in the end what happened, the abyss shortage in the end what kind of presence.

Six thousand years ago, the old madman repair an earth-shattering, Come and anti shortage in the East hand. Like him extremely People went on
living for six thousand years, still die, everyone wants to know he reached what realm, how far away from the fairy, wants to listen to the teachings.

Especially Kyi's house and shake light Holy Land so detached forces in the door too elders Mo do not want a dialogue with such matchless character, so the presence of a comparable living fossil, for when the world's great East shortage several ancient classics still be attractive.

The third day, there are news.

Mad guise strong completely crazy, no one to talk to, laugh and cry, unable to communicate.

It was horrible, many pupils, his sleeves fan fly, no one can close. 6,000 years ago, it would be earth-shattering, and now can not try to speculate on its strength.

Disappeared, even just step a few steps, endless mountains and the earth was thrown into the rear, directly out from the Wei territory, no one can keep up with <h2>
</h2> his footwork, fly or, it is difficult beheld his back.

At the moment, Ji chawol blocked Fan Ye, let him leave, and said: Are you the kind of footwork, with that crazy old man to learn?

You talk nonsense, I totally do not understand! Fan Ye can not admit.

Absolutely a great relationship, we Kyi's house ancient well documented, it is far beyond the shrink into inch footwork, unique in the world, the only world that crazy old man society.

Fan Ye feel more and more,
this little girl is too shrewdness, almost all his secret is found, a little carelessness, she was acutely aware of the exception.

Predecessors, this world in the end there is no cents? Fan Ye came to the mountains, to ask Tony Li.

The people of the world are asking, yes or no is not important, as long as they are firm belief, think cents path is feasible, indomitable will go on.

Crazy old man in the end reached the realm of what? Stands to reason that lived six thousand years, is simply a miracle, do not become immortal there is no reason I am afraid East Arakami to are unable to live so long.

Not immortal, they madness, perhaps he is such a presence. Tony Li exclaims.

Probe of the door, except for the one hundred and eight main peak, there are endless from the peak, not all mountains immortal gas filled, some very desolate place, just as clumsy peak.

Fan Ye past few days has been preparing to leave, constantly wandering around in the Tai Xuan door to some last-ditch effort to keep the people understand, open the the domains door What are the conditions, the martial art before release.

Sunset, sunset red half the sky, he came to a very desolate mountains here the humilis profusion of Kuteng everywhere.

At this moment, he suddenly froze on the mountain toward the West a large bluestone, a white-haired old man is lying on his side on the face of the sunset.

His ragged, looks very old, did not look like the clothing of the era, the mouth muttered something, turbidity

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A elders too suddenly change color, said: The old demons Shou-Yuan will do, but repair is more and more horrible.

No matter who he is, no matter how powerful, as long as hopes of finding must be Heaven! Ji Lord's voice, freezing cold, filled with murderous fieldwork, eyes opening and closing of the two beams, gorgeous eye-catching, such as the peerless sword swept fire domains.

But for six months Kyi's house continuous sacrificed two elders too, this shortage ancient family, it is a great insult, this should Harbourside, full of daring, however, he was again and again provocation.

Today, the Peacock still Happy earthly, not of them that were beheaded off, now out of such a situation, if not Li Wei Kyi's house How can they face the world?

This day, the South domain vibration Kyi's house to tell the world, kill list Adds crow Taoist name.

East South shortage domain, all the monks are scared, more <h2>
</h2> than six months, the storm continued, never really calm, revival now.

For many people simply have not heard the name of the crow Taoist the factions too elders noted, everyone discoloration.

A huge storm swept south domain Kyi's house move really angry, vowing to Li Wei, so many sects trembling for fear of being swept into it.

From the vitality and anger, the South domain turmoil than the last even as there!

Fan Ye away from the fire field, during that time, I heard a lot of news.

Six months ago, the bronze Sin Temple sink into the East shortage underground, this loss of the video track. It disappeared, dozens of elderly people, are life element will do, then can not Xiaoxuming the strong.

This indicates that, in another era lonely, East shortage suddenly less dozens of extremely figures, bronze Sin Temple is a veritable strong graves.

However, this does not explain the East shortage experienced the Holocaust, illness and death is the norm, or else these people will also follow suit Zuohua in recent years.

East shortage is too vast, and even how much of the country the number of countless dozens of people, There is little

The other important news is the Peacock Mana monstrous day shake light Lord Lord of the Kyi's house together, he failed to Qing Jiao Wang left them with a demon Empress has traveled to East shortage Northern domain.

In addition, in the past six months, Kyi's house, Shake light Holy Land also sent strong batches to the north field, where the divine origin of stunning, inherited from the the shortage ancient heritage era cup of U.S. forces want soup.

In the beginning was the ancient mines of the north field, the tower of the last year, however, more and more calm, said to have been shaped organisms come and go, people to whom indulge sounds of nature.

Two weeks later, Fan Ye's return fire domain, outside major turmoil, only the most secure.

The Ji family get away, has become a quiet place, unless the the Alkaid Lord pro, or believe that few people can break into the seventh layer of the fire domain.

The past two weeks, he look at the ancient room in a big country, a lot of historical records to understand the fire domain.

Domain on fire, there
are many legends, many records almost absurd.

Is unable to determine the historical facts, can only be classified as a legend, the records too incredible.

, An ancient records, fire deepest domain, burned one cents

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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>To the same answer, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, LIN Jia et al did not come back.

The old, the people of the three holy places stress Fan Ye and several others into remote antiquity forbidden picking magic pill, Fan Ye create opportunities Zhou Yi, LIN Jia, Wang Ziwen, Li Xiaoman, Liu Yiyi, Zhang Zailing flee.

Three years have passed, only knew Li Xiaoman escaped into the Tai Xuan door, and several others are still no news.

At first, Ye Fan Tai Xuan door asked Li Xiaoman, she also do not know the whereabouts of a few people, because they are separate escape.

Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, LIN Jia are fine people naturally will not come back, otherwise the people of the Holy Land can certainly find flaws. Fan Ye himself.

The Zhang Zailing not stupid, definitely go to a safe place, I would like to Yiyi certainly with him. Pombo said.

In addition, another two students died, a man named Ge Ming, and the other is Xu Chuan, an experience out kill another with depth remains trapped.

Fan Ye Pombo in their graves filled soil, only a few years it has three students died in this world, I do not know the final will be a few people left.

Finally, they came on the eve of Cave noted that foreigners Cade's whereabouts.

A wandering old monk him away when he saw his burly, born intrinsic differences, sweating yellow hair that bore a striking resemblance to the Custodian of King Kong Buddhist legend.

Rattus <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</h2> Devils into law enforcement King Kong, I can not when the Buddha? Pombo somewhat stunned.

The old monk said what? Fan Ye asked in detail about.

The eve of Cave people can not hide, know that this is a terrorist to kill the star, life no more, even the people of the Holy Land were to kill them did not dare touch.

Old monk is said to take him to the Western Desert, going Sumeru, did not say anything.

Fan Ye Pombo looked at each other, Sumeru is the other end of the Star, or in this world, has a lot of legends.

The devils really big luck, even went to the Mount <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> Sumeru, the future we have to come to the West Desert, be sure to let him several female Bodhisattva understanding.

On the eve of a disciple of intact Cade Before leaving, then to learn.

Oh, sell dogs, the God of your uncle, I <strong><a href=>tory burch usa</a>
</strong> can only believe in Buddhism, who told you I lost in here!

Fan Ye and Pombo looked at each other and then could not help but laugh.

They did not stay too long, Complete understanding of all flying away.

Kowloon pull coffin them away, the original group of people now only left ten people, all the way both with emotion, I do not know what day in order to go back along the ancient road of the Star.

Fan Ye and Pombo Back to Du, a few large sanctuary and the Supreme large teaching immediately come peerless array pattern has been engraved, want to the Fan Ye go along herbs.

Fan Ye how could into this setup, but in order to deal with Hua Yunfei only the current euphemism, there is far too dangerous he was going to give up, change to the the East Central shortage geographical undead mountain luck.

The several major sects Fufei immortal mountain name with the immortal words, but has always been into does not come out, go in they could not <a href=>tory burch outlet</a>

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</h1>Bad enough, this time saying that indirectly killed the male main, vibration East shortage, when these people look complex.

Surnamed Ye, you Haohen the heart, kill the founder of my house! 000 the beginning of the Holy Land, a disciple shouted, his eyes full of pernicious color.

I teach you the Lord of life! Yin and yang to teach disciples shouted in unison, Mighty and dreadful.


Fan Ye look calm, they do not see a big step toward the Temple, and when all the male main, calm and calm, said: Yemou people here!

Shishu ancestors killed him, revenge for the Lord.

My family founder died too much injustice, do not kill the Eucharist can not ping the anger of the people of the world!

The hall door, many disciples clamor, all with the intention to kill, the sky palace drink shouting.

Ye brother how can you so, so much harm seniors imminent demise, there really is an immeasurable loss to East shortage. Yansheng Zi of a fly sighed.

Are the <h2>
</h2> world odds, are one of the male main aspect and the future, but in the end so sadly died. Road Son sigh.

Banning federal funding, and so what?

Kill him, Ji Mo predecessors soul in heaven!

The hall door, shouting major teaching and the Holy Land many disciples disciples.

Shut up! Fan Ye lightly sweep them one, said: I speak with you adults, which rounds to get you to say more!

The outside of the house, everyone hesitated, then angry, Fan Ye muddy did not they look in the eyes, actually an equal footing with their door division older.

I'm coming, put the girl over it. The
Fan Ye staring at the prayer hall are all white hair old man.

Temple, white mist shrouded the ground many Yu-table, above filled with fruit and
cents stuffed.

Yin and yang to teach old leader, hunkered in white jade table, kindly face, clouds shrouded, motionless, like a statue cents.

His body SG flash, quiet little girl sat suddenly alive and free, quickly ran to the Fan Ye Shenpan, grab him a piece of clothing or jewelry, big eyes and forth, look back, afraid to go back again caught.

Girl okay? Fan Ye asked softly.

Never mind, that is, some miss the big brother, as well as dogs. Naive little girl replied, two-year-old small point with a small porcelain doll, stucco Yuzhuo, very cute.

Hello great courage committed heinous Shajie to, dare arrogant, Homage to the house of your predecessors!

Bidiao, its raw soul Yong Zhenhai eyes!

The hall door, many young people drink roar.

Fan Ye did not talk to them, did not even look at it, completely ignored, so the attitude all many Xingaoqiao disciples fire hit the roof beams door.

This is disdain, ah, blatant disregard for fundamental look down on them.

Your courage is actually not small, the invocation of such a disaster, dare to come here! Finally, a male main opening.

Indomitable spirit, a clear conscience, I can not come in place? Fan Ye stood tall, without any fear of color.

Good, good, good, courage! 000 at the beginning of one of the Holy Land too much on the elders surface Shen Things, their Lord's imminent demise, which pierce the days

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</h1>Clearance. The old man said solemnly.

Wenchang I'll wait for you to skyrocket the date. Fan Ye got up, and then bade farewell to Tony Li.

Soon after, he was boarding Kyi's house, of course, is the secret escorts into the Kwu Tung came to Ji bright moon retreat, very busy here.

Yan overnight, Li Tian, 鈥嬧€婰i Blackwater all the people here, they are very excited.

Small leaves your success, without beginning bell even rang three months, really sick. Blackwater Road, Lee.

In the end is how to kill gods Valley, we talk about fast. Li Heaven.

Leaves Big Brother, a while back you really cursed the emperor with Proterozoic? Oriental Man asked.

Their hearts are filled with questions, for the recent, she was shaken, does not want to understand.

Fan Ye said carefully after Zhang ended, so a few people could not help but sigh.

Zhang hero gas guise, dead ending, but I think Tavia may be painful, poignant and pathos, and why
reality is always so helpless? <h2>
</h2> Ji chawol muttered.

Eventually, they all north, because the the kindreds event will begin the the rumors Phoenix imaginary Road, fire Qi sub God Taoist silkworm, Emperor son, Proterozoic people will show up.

More Do not say that, the Swire of all ethnic groups in the real giant, will surely be someone, then really the international situation will.

However, they separated, and no peer, Fan Ye due to strongly demand, mainly of D'this son of a bitch for him to mess with a bunch of trouble Zhibu Ding when it will jump out afterwards.

Terran Eucharist limelight too fresh

Kindreds event held like there are half a month, but has long been ahead countless monks came into this area.

North domain, Chidi, piece by piece, at every turn tens of thousands of years, barren, most of them are barren.

Jade Pool in the north field, but not in this column, it the geographical Huaxiangniaoyu in, scenic, secluded bamboo forest Ning, natural stone arch bridges on the rivers and lakes, there are spectacular waterfalls three thousand feet.

Year peach event, Fan Ye had come here, no stranger, do not want this kindreds of the General Assembly held in this.

He did not go in, stood outside the Jade Pool, static segment fat, waited for seven or eight days, the target really showed up.

Fan Ye hate root itch, he saw another, a purple, giving rise, but fine observation,
but his eyes were too thief, a bit like a good man.

This son of a bitch

Another swaggering way, simply do not point to cover the like, and saddled his hands, the world turned.

Dead man

Fan Ye first time rushed past, a voice wailing chatter, scared of D'Jiling, then smiled and said: Why so fierce? Want to blow off steam, Tao Ye I fight it, so that you hit the enjoyment.

Your uncle is my body, thrown out of your bladder, let me kick enjoyment

Body of the first 801 106 kindreds

Posted by Kenadvade at Fri May 10 22:35:13 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>There must be a means of Guards.

I do not know you, and he did not hatred <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> ah. Barbarians scratched his head, said simple and honest, carrying the mace to go back, said: I want to go back.

Eventually, more than a hundred to get away, leaving only a dozen people seriously, Fan Ye direct access to the bow, and began to shoot.

Damn, he my Unlikeness to shoot!

Name leaves you my white tiger!

More than a dozen very popular, the fletching shot by Fan Ye, heavy if Wan Jun, a mountain able to shoot through, not to mention their mounts, three animals to plunge.

Excessive, Ye Fan out of the city, and the three monster to grab back from the shelves in the walls of a large wok, began to stew.

The lord is really superb, they began to eat the sacred beasts! These people are crazy, but there is no way, simply rushed into.

Two days down, a dozen people found eight mounts so that the best lords to caught and really large pot to cook, gas Qiqiaoshengyan.

Until three down, Fan Ye carry into the city after the other talents face green, temper get away, sad tears.

Sunkist Fuchu, this time how half of the people are aware of it, a staggering sound, the next as much as a lord, the the Nanling Pearl gave abducted, this may require much courage.

Nanling not a few evildoer, how no one to rescue?

Nanling the evildoer retreat, do not know the message out there must be a large waves.

Lu City, Fan Ye face with a smile, a group of soldiers, drinking and eating meat, the the large wok reveal soup fragrance, not far away on the rack.

Qi troubles almost fainted, the barbarian must eat so she <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> Ryoma, she felt root pain, but there is no way, even she herself is Hold.

Troubles come pouring in here gave me a maid a month, it will naturally let you go. Fan Ye shake the jug opening.

You're dreaming! Qi Princess was in a rage, but do not have a charm, deceptive mind.

Next to the eyes of those soldiers almost straight, and said: <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> Your honor, Santo Fuchu is not yet mistress, this is true ah.

Yes, and adults match. Group of soldiers drink eyes are dim, speak no fear.

The name leaves you quickly put me to leave, I'll give you enough benefits. Qi troubles a little afraid.

Actually, I you 3,000 small world very interested in, or you can teach me how? Fan Ye laughed.

It's impossible! Qi Princess sternly refused, even kill her, it is impossible outgoing Arcane.

That is no way you can only do one month to be female, or I can not guarantee what happens. Fan Ye sealed her a repair, instigate pour some tea.

You let me go, tell you a secret of the immortals. Qi Princess tract.

Really have such a fairy burial place, you will be left to <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

Posted by Pailasuanna at Fri May 10 23:26:35 2013
<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>Road Wars long, another corpse off a mountain with bloody red, Ji haoyue hair disheveled, such as a kill God as pupil of the eye, such as wild animals, slaughter, and on weekdays shield kind. their powder

Ji chawol sit cross-legged sea rising moon visions, covered with bright colors, holy Faerie the others attack does not go, she remained motionless, constantly cents light outflow of divine supplement their brother.


JI bright moon, step by step, the entire piece mountains shake, he will break a few pieces of ancient treasure, and vapid suffered a triple-click, few big mouth spit blood, rushed past a dragon eighth becomes strong to tear.

This is his strength? Fan Ye was taken aback.

East King Arakami, was a well-deserved reputation, siege, but also fight off a dragon eighth becomes strong, if spread out, it will definitely shock five domains of the younger generation all.

At this point, his temperament and very different weekdays, cold and ruthless, and even a hint of wild, purple, blood-stained, black hair messy, devil.

However, Ji haoyue is spent force, do not know how long World War II, he was covered in blood red, walking erratic, no longer strong.

Brother, Ji chawol eyes with tears, covered with light Dasheng, the overflow of divine power, the flow of her brother.

Chawol, you do not control me, you go first, I can kill off! Ji HaoYue full confidence cold Mouguang, but could not help but spit a mouthful of blood, body while shaking.

Brother, you have to hold on, too, <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> on the elders will come. Ji chawol mesh Yun tears.

You mean that three old man, I have seen they are a very ancient Beastmaster God j to swallow, stop dreaming! Group of people a sneer.

Chawol, you have Mibao supporter, break out, leave immediately! Ji <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> haoyue roared, full head of hair dancing frenzy, urging his sister to leave.


Another person came forward, pushed a bronze tower repression, Ji haoyue is playing a somersault, continuous coughing up blood, this is just a dragon the fifth become monks, But the strike worked.

Just, East King Arakami unarmed of Dragon eighth becomes strong gave tear, but it took him a force, the divine dry, there is no strength.

My brother, I can not see you die, Ji chawol crying constantly reposition itself cents light, god desperately Ji haoyue added.

You go!

Whole body king of East Arakami, light, desperately attack <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> the divine power of emotion, eyes inverted forward to kill unarmed crush tall copper tower, the man caught alive legislation split.


Spewing blood, sprinkled him one, everywhere, even the hair is red with blood.

Your brothers and sisters who could not walk, stay here!

That three old guys died, days to death of you!

Others sneer, culling the front, you want to exterminate two people in one fell swoop, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or East Arakami king restore the divine <a href=></a>

Posted by Kenadvade at Sat May 11 00:33:10 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>Sea to play out the underground world are red.


He jiangjia group of elderly people do everything we can play magic gave obliterated become a fly ash. At the same time, no God concept unparalleled impact, such as the sea of 鈥嬧€媌lood, like the soul force rushed into even incomplete array pattern, waving like a bloody butcher's knife.

Poof, Poof!,

Series of the six elderly Scarlet God read ripped, torn apart on the spot, bone mince rotten, become a Blood mud, tragic death on the spot.

This are jiangjia the big shot, but four thousand die the Guards and old evildoer concept of God, but as a newborn baby, can not withstand the blow.


JIANG Yun-color, fast action, stuck a big hand to the other man gave caught back, otherwise there is no one person can survive.

Nonetheless, still a bit late. Bloody concept of God as fast as lightning ripped through the flesh of the two, so that they become a pool of blood and pus.

This is how to compete?

Despite the weakness of the flesh, but with ginger the Void an era of the Living Dead, this concept of God is sufficient to East aspect shortage, how many people can suppress them?

Over-the-counter, thirteen mighty of heart to take the cold, more and more alert to guard against three amazing age old evildoer.

Four thousand years ago, these three Living Dead is mighty over time so long ago, even though they can not practice the flesh, but the soul but the sea shocking.

Worthy of entering the immortal mountain alive seniors to come out mighty!

Jiang Yun head unpretentious pagodas, handheld flashing black metallic luster <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h2> war Ge, a big step forward walked arresting three old evildoer damage in array pattern.

Jiangjia children you come to die? With your mysterious ancestral ginger Void Commander, your grandfather do not know where. An old evildoer sneer.

However, they did not stop, do not want to give too much time in ginger Void, continue to the idea of 鈥嬧€婫od <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> indelible array pattern.

Jiang Yun dancing days Ge, vibration Guta, playing three living dead, the body as fast as lightning.

Rip, rip, rip!,

Road, a concept of God into the array pattern, although weakened, can not move forward too far, but still very scary, such as a network of death shrouded Jiang Yun.

In black, red, and Bise kill the idea, Jiang Yun, such as being struck by lightning, his head Guta ripped through the hands of the <strong><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</strong> war Ge has been broken, and fast reverse back.

How to do, who blocked three witch?

People of jiangjia desperate, ginger will be too powerful, but here and now, but there is no way, who would have thought even Kou St. furnace are bound hand and foot.

Otherwise the Great St. soldiers nothing can stop an invading rival powerful but also ended in grief.

Can not let them in!

The jiangjia group old man risking his own life, once again rushed past, almost suicide blocking.

Unfortunately, these people courage, but really can not be compared with the lived four thousand years old evildoer, even if some people are too jiangjia elders, but also not enough to see.

Poof, Poof!,

Series of more than a dozen figure three Laoyao labeled <a href=></a>

Posted by Pailasuanna at Sat May 11 02:40:05 2013
<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>The soul, like flying, all turned it into the mark, the God source block instant resurrection, Phoenix out of the one God.

What, how could this be? Royal alarmed.

You misjudge source Fearless, you can seal ban but party vanity and for other source surgery family, but the inheritors of the source Fearless is not listed, you can change the world, wanted a picture seal me? Fan Ye sneer.


The Wang rife clutching his young nephew, <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> the first Feitui want to escape this terrible land.

However, all late, Fan Ye invocation block of divine origin, millions Rune collapse now, a thrill of horror divinity suddenly broke off.

Moment, between heaven and earth full of brilliance, even the sun in the sky are flooded, like countless stars imminent demise, the impact to the earth.

Ah, one screams rang, the royal all gone submerged inside, no one escaped.

Xiba the city, everyone from the bones to take out a cold, this force is horrible, simply can not compete, the Lord into SG to be ripped through a sieve.

The ancient city walls, said pattern emerged into a glow barrier of this oppressive force attack, or would be disastrous impact.

The outbreak of the moment, forces such as ocean, refining all visible creatures, too dozen elders on the spot of became light, Xingshenjumie.

When everything disappears, leaving only two mighty Wang Chong, covered with rags, almost falling apart. Two can survive with strength, Wang Chong rely on a variety of Mibao barrier destroy a fetish before leaving a life.

You, Wang culture constantly vomiting blood, the original everything under control, but at the last minute he was hurt so miserable.

Another mighty staggered want towering into the sky, fled from the place, but bang the Fan Ye slap give shot down, the earthquake alive were dashed to pieces.

A magic do go, and I want to escape? Fan Ye mouth hung a cold smile, and went on.

Ground, silvery scales flashing, a Swire creatures dead, struggling to climb up from the dust.


Fan Ye thumb first point in the past, all of a sudden their eyebrows ripped, then under the cover of the golden slap, hit only stab a pool of blood.

Do not come over! <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> Wang Chong covered with hairs standing on end, is so sudden turn of events, his mind filled with despair.

You do not want to trample on me, come. Fan Ye waved to him.

Fan <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> Ye, Wang Teng, Qin Shushu teeth, shaking stood up, and then a roar, burning life can be forced to increase the combat force.


Fan Ye cast wears supernatural powers, the moment becomes large, raised a golden Bigfoot, firmly stamped down.


King rife vomit blood, a large foot on the ground, it is difficult to earn a move, whole body bone broken ribs fold.

Want to take my medicine refining my first practice today!

Fan Ye foot <a href=></a>

Posted by Kenadvade at Sat May 11 03:26:24 2013
<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>Everything here, I'm afraid he will hold to shatter.

Demon emperor heart beating beating up completely back to life, unwilling to be deprived of the Holy Blood, want alive Zhensi the Fan Ye.

Day, even beyond the realm of the other side of the strong can not afford, we can imagine the horror!

The green copper block Xuan Huang di-the airflow turn, a solid round of the sea, there is no danger Fan Ye. Sinking bright ruby 鈥嬧€媓eart, burning, actually break open the Fan Ye Oliver into a bright carnage, disappeared in the sky.

Fan Ye Oliver pain, fast closing, but a long time before he recovered, a result that stunned him, murmured: I press <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> too hard, really wrong, the demon emperor Sacred Heart actually,, fly!

Powerful the demon emperor Sacred Heart unwilling daily is obtained final, trace Miao ran the Happening away.

God must be Yaozu the heart of the Great, actually in your body! Ji chawol dumbfounded, his face a look of <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> surprise.

Fan Ye did not go to catch up, sit cross-legged down the last collected the Holy Blood succinct flesh and blood.

At this moment, his whole body jade, flashing five internal organs, bones beginnings, skin glistening, came after the baptism of the Holy Blood, he felt bursts of excruciating pain.

Finally, following the taking of the two holy medicine, he began the third reborn.

This is a painful and tough process lasted a large half-day, everything had calmed down. Fan Ye like a deity only general stood up, God Xia radiance, 涓庢棩鏈堝悓杈?stars with Yao, crystal colorful glass.

Until long past glory to disappear, back to nature, back to its original appearance.

He felt a powerful force, third reborn, so he seemed to rise from the ashes general, the whole body energy seems inexhaustible!

Fingers close together, clenched at the moment, the golden fist as much as golden lightning intertwined, and the like can be directly penetrated the heavens and the earth.

The most incredible, mysterious yellow gas actually come to the golden fist, like melting in the above.

Ji chawol very surprised, mouth became the O and said: You guys, do what?

Breeze blowing, Fan Ye Black light dance, clenched golden fist, he felt immensely powerful, mysterious yellow gas filled out. Article IX marriage

How so? Ji chawol Meimou shimmering circulation, the rosy mouth slightly open, his face did not believe look, she could not understand why the mysterious yellow gas come on the fist.

At the moment, Fan Ye golden fist, merely watching, it gives a strong feeling, such as all-conquering, the mother of all things gas seems to be melting in the above.

Xuan Huang, the parent gas the world Jiaotai give birth, is the refining '' sacred objects, how attached your fist, How do you do? The Ji chawol <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> big eyes flashing strange light.

Fan Ye to loosen golden fist, Xuan Huang Mother gas suddenly disappeared, transfer back to Oliver, shrouded in green around the copper block. He was also very surprised, for fear of their own into crushed by the weight of this mother gas, he simply can not afford, a ray is enough to crush a mountain.

Just on the surface, each fist ray of <a href=></a>

Posted by Kenadvade at Sat May 11 03:26:44 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>Fan Ye hearts of a move that mountain mostly simple, I am afraid there are hidden secrets.

At this point, Zhang Wuye go over, does not explain anything, just say hello to him to eat breakfast.

Erleng child I asked you, the mountain and in the end what weird? Until the time when no one, Fan Ye ask.

I do not know, Zhang Wuye not let us near, there are ominous. Erleng son shook <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> his head.

After breakfast, Fan Ye take a step, such as a wisp of smoke, arrived a little while before that mountain.

Zijin polished it whole body was purple-brown, like a dim, thick and Chen Ning, up to four kilometers, very steep, mere mortals can not climb up.

Fan Ye amazing find, have a many knife marks sword hole on top of it, almost weathered and obliterated, only carefully identify, to be able to see.

He tried a cut refers to the stone walls, and found to be very hard, comparable to fine iron, purple rock is very special.

Fan Ye suddenly suck down a cold air, so hard mountains, have been weathered to look like this, the the above ax traces, in the end what's left? Immeasurable!

He slowly vacated, and more and more surprised, knife marks on the rock walls of not only the foot of the mountain, the hole left by the Weaponry marks all over the mountain, until halfway up the mountain has.

To the hillside, set a purple mountains stand with a big sword, into the sky, magnificent.

Fan Ye was surprised to find, in addition to a variety of Weaponry leave traces, there are a lot of paw prints with finger holes, almost weathered, vague, faintly discernible.

This is certainly the traces <h2><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</h2> left in the remote antiquity, or so hard zishi to above the hole marks <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> impossible almost obliterated.

Fan Ye fly to the top of the hill, looks into the distance, all directions have a mountain.

A total of nine mountains, micro is not visible on the distant horizon, and this seat purple mountain like in the center area.

Fan Ye mountains landscape little research and found that not so special, and ultimately only stare at this purple mountain.

Bare hilltop, nothing the Asaka spilled over, so that the whole mountain more majestic.

Nothing special, active Is there? Fan Ye reposition itself in the Golden Book, Cleave in the open top of the hill.

Purple Mountain is very hard, especially the top of the hill, but still the Golden Book cut, the radiance of Mars rocks through air, a little while Peak a pit.

Fan Ye frowned, no abnormality is found, this kind of stone is not wrapped source, should not be a source fishes.

Eventually, he came back with nothing, back Shizhaishan.

The second day, he woke up early to watch in the distance, it really see Zhang Wuye out behind the house, the first thing is to worship the mountain.

Breakfast, he could not bear it, and asked: Father, the mountain is very special, why you daily shall fall down?

Zhang Wuye look a condensate, and then with a sigh, said: There is an ominous, you do not go, my ancestors have said, in the whole piece of the north field, no one can mess with it.

Provoke Fan Ye was more surprised, and asked, tall purple mountain in the end <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

Posted by MotGromiarit at Sat May 11 05:23:48 2013
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<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>Jiu, across the land, the first head of the ancient Denon rushed over, <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> no longer had just as probing attacks.

At this point, the dragon head as a mountain, two horns, such as St. soldiers, direct hit over the kind of momentum, is really a fairy came to Tu, Walk the Line!

Fan Ye is no way to avoid this tragedy, we must face <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> and fled where not afford to live because, otherwise only become fly ash.


His fists drop of blood, Dianmang filled, with that big dragon Ying Han, this Sky shiver to withstand coercion.

You hear, have Dragons to pass out.

From afar those who wonder, their eyes can not penetrate the Thunder, did not see the center of the scene, all of suspicion exposed.

The chaos Yanyun really amazing, his degree robbery, accompanied by Dragons, most can really broke through two realms.

Up to now, there are some people praise it, do not know the degree robbery people have already changed the protagonist.

At this point, Yanyun chaos tears, feeling anxious, almost roasted, Ray robbery God, bell buckle on the inside, really too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this tragedy is unusual, if the spirit is the same, the power of the Lehigh fast drained to nurture eighty-one Denon chaos has become ashes in dealing with Fan Ye, otherwise Yanyun.

In this short instant, Ye Fan with Dragon in six days with Ray robbery down, hit the whole body bones are sound, his flesh Qijiang, has long been a bone scum for other people to.


Fan Ye gradually worked out a Path, and found that the impasse in the ray of vitality, he desperately impact Long Fam spine become a golden Dragon swallowing satisfied Tianlong essence.


The void ringing off the hook, eighty-one Denon coiled throughput essence, but his spine poly satisfied from grown up on the golden bones, joints moving.


Fan Ye Ding in turn the mother of all things gas take out with him crossing the robbery eighty-one Denon almost all drawn into the circulation of the nascent breath of the things.

He has found, simply can not to destroy eighty-one Denon, but desperate times, but there is also a chance of survival, just run out of their essence, crossing the robbery Zhuang relies instead.

This moment, Fan Ye hands Lee, hold on with both hands to push the mountains, evolution Tai Chi, soon after imitate Hua Yunfei cast million of St. tactic, want to eighty-one of Denon into the ordinary.

Can not be forgotten, only to resolve the bones of his body almost interrupted, Baoxiang in eighty-one Denon, joints moving non-stop.


The other side, Yanyun chaos finally broke the mine robbed Divine Bell rushed out and seriously injured dying. Fan Ye shot again, cited to move a Leiguang landing, contains Denon breath, into a Kokonoe tower, he suppressed the inside.

Between this passing glance Yanyun chaos the <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> hearts of Juzhen, he almost could not believe my eyes, eighty-one Denon turned mixed throughput <a href=></a>

Posted by Anandahef at Sat May 11 06:33:46 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>Wave of terror vast and unpredictable, the all five masters Zhentui the, weapons in their hands even more bleak instantly!

Bright SG across the sky, causing the the horrific energy fluctuations, resulting in a lot of monks around fall under the high-altitude, it exudes an unparalleled magical powers, like a world on fire, nothing can stop.

Yaozu the Great during his lifetime held the palm of weapons, the the comparable East shortage of Terran treasure!

Five strong wake up, the three chase it down on the spot. The other two did not leave want to search for that legendary East shortage of family treasure.

Distance, <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> Fan Ye stunned, because he found that bright beam is rushing to Rock Hill.

Next to the fat priests straight hand-wringing, Liezhedazui laughing, said: Tao Ye really good luck, this Beastkin the Great weapons than East shortage Terran treasure difference if I get,

You then live it? Fan Ye asked anxiously watch that Yaozu treasure will rushed near the case of fat priests could not pick non they crushed Jifen the non-tragic, in that case.

Said Tao Ye seems not so much blessing, is able to take live next three VIP will be shot dead, pull call! Here, he pulled Fan Ye, than rabbits faster, whoosh, rushed to another hill.

Yaozu the Great weapon fired ten million God Xia, Guanghua gorgeous, can not see what it looks like, the blazing light people can not open your eyes, like hundreds of millions of stars at the same time burning the whole piece of heaven and earth trembles violently boom is heard coming Rock Hill.

Over, fat priests series of hand-wringing, said: This is a bad thing, Rock Hill certainly Yi Bao, but also Jia Buzhu the impact of the demon clan treasure, mostly turned it into fly ash, a pity.

There completely light flooded to become an energy of the ocean, the vast undulating all around monks lift to fly out, a little too close to people directly chipping a ball of group Xue Wu.

At this point, however, surprising things, Rock Hill crack, which is bursting out with the incomparably soft green Xia Road, a green sky from.

Very soft and holy Rays, the mind of the people feel quiet down, a touch of green and full of vigor and vitality, like a <h2><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</h2> Fanglv Zhou floated into the sky.

Just then, a huge green bowls red from the ground up, Yaozu the Great treasure sucked.

Immeasurable that that, that Tianzun! At this moment, the fat priests <strong><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</strong> mouth not agile, hard exhales before normal up, shouted: Yaozu cornucopia!

Was hidden there, ready cornucopia of good calculations ah the attempt to Beastkin treasure! Fat priests instantly knew why there stone walls can attract psychic weapons flying, there is much legendary cornucopia. The man has been to use their powers to suppress Po basin, but even so, some psychic weapons cited over.

Cornucopia like green chalcedony carved green to people the bones, Guangcan, holy green the Xia speckled sky, extremely soft, create a feeling of whole body feels.

At the moment, in the cornucopia <a href=></a>

Posted by Anandahef at Sat May 11 06:34:38 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a>
</h1>With the Yan overnight standing <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> together of the temple, the doorway, all he hears Concerned about the the all this.

An Miu in accordance with laugh the, the beautiful dazzling, there are a most immortal God,-hui is is in bloom, but the Ye Fan got the feeling to more and more out of reach the.

Has long been do not know you.

The these words is is very light, but it puts also Ye Fan his heart greatly trembled, he

Came to this world, used to see the life and death, struggling to survive, for the powerful and practice Buddhism, and The there is no the so-called personal emotional entanglements, and some just touched.

Today, after the heard these words, but give birth to a a kind of Suanse, the depths of the inner been touched a bit, as if all of a sudden be catches hold of.

Do not know me, why do you man Is it still the?

People Ruozai look back, whether the remains the same, I in the to say their own, first step forward and, will be no loop, Miao Ann, in accordance with the the sound is is very light, water onion-the same as the Yu Zhi that pluck at the strings, playing the <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> the sounds of nature wonderful sounds, in the open the steppes of The the on the-shrouded, the in the cold at of the the under the night of biographies of exceptionally Youyuan.

What are you what to say? Ye Fan a big step forward, Came to the her side.

An Miu in accordance with laugh the, and his head is the UFA were drawn to, smooth such as silk, she exudes alarming beautiful, Road, her to wait for you a lot of years, but has not been meet.

She, is Who are you? Ye Fan quaver said.

Do you know that the Who is she. An Miao-in accordance with soft look of, discourse lighter the, the in the eyes of mist filled the air.

She is that you Ye Fan Road,

Wrong, the former, she is what I, but and now the I have already not her. An Miu in accordance with with a smile, but the tears but fast fell out.

Why you want to so to speak? Ye Fan Xinchan.

Ann Miao-in accordance with a toss of UFA, in (on) a (all over the sky) hair fluttering, his face is full of the the light of of the holy, she in the laugh, but the tears has have fallen away down, mask in the the hair in the.

Because at that she was no longer the, and now I am the only, is no longer to know you. At this moment, her voice to turn cold.

The wonderful in accordance with, Ye Fan stepped forward to, and intend to grabbed her arm and close to her.

However, An Miu in accordance with gently another wave of the strings on his violin, the depths of the monastery Huangzhongtailv roar of, in its the back of the head Fat Kwong flaming, vaguely be seen between one Giant Buddha compassion.

Ye Fan can not be melee, personal want to be near to use military force against can only be, an-field domain blocking in his way.

I'm here wait for you, just In order to one see last time, the she the last make one wish of, Buddha's Light behind immeasurable, An Miu in accordance with, Solemn inviolability of the, is no longer probable that had just for me, this blink of an eye of the gentle.

What you and her, the world is is only one Miao to follow, that that I the the Analects Who is, no matter how, I they must be locating her, let her to change back. The Ye Fan sound is sonorous and, walking firmly, distraction gold sacred lands and, a big step to <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> move forward.

You does it want to to shot do to me, The Ann Miao in accordance with the calm the openings.

The worldly is only one Miao to follow, that In order to to let her regression, I'm sorry, I want to have sinned against the Ye Fan is very strong, raising his hand to move forward point to go.


Fat Kwong a flash of, An Miao-in accordance with blocking the the blow, and the latter floating Back, for such as a Zun of Female Bodhisattva the same sit cross-legged an ryondae on the, Bao is phase solemn.

When, the big bell <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

Posted by heangemeentee at Sat May 11 07:40:36 2013
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>The abyss disappear gods to read and on the boat, a lot of blood in his Chun Chijian, and even skirts and some small bones of the crop.

He will swallow more than a hundred a down!

Many people almost limp on the ground, This is Long Fam strong, not a weak result he gave a gulp down.

Ancient, really gods, he is born out of the death of God the devil!

This is a magic conduct invincible trend, no one can contend with him, and it is dead.

Exterminate all of a sudden hundreds strong, awed everyone, even the extremely large silence, all give birth to chill.

Unless the crazy old man, or the several statues of the king of Swire, otherwise no one can emerge as a contender with him!

Unfortunately, the crazy old man trail vague course, no one knows his whereabouts. The king of Swire want do not want to, who also is the scourge <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> of Paleontology.

Amitabha West Desert A monk recited the number of ancient Buddhist Emperor, stood out, said: I am the Buddha of compassion, the previous <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> years a Buddha also dogged the gods read, leaving Demon of the law.

Everyone was shocked, Gulao the mouth of the gods read, very mysterious and frightening, always been a legendary presence, Buddhism actually has long been true encountered.

People have to wonder, Western desert ancient Buddhist traditions, profound, deep inside, a Buddha actually surrender gods read the Supreme devil.

Shenseng faster Cast surrender magic a Wong main urged.

We need to work together because, mantra chanting the Buddha passed away. Monk opening.


Soon as Lengheng gods read this statue devil first pronunciation, people Ruzhui icehouse, the sweat pores out spray air conditioning, whole body trembled.

This sound like never pass up the end of hell, people soul excitement and fear!

Namo A MI po night, gamma multi-night duo, duo to night, Ami Lee are po adjoin,

At this point, the Western Regions who Shenseng began chanting, sit cross-legged in the void, Po phase solemn behind filled out a Buddha, such as a statue of Buddha regeneration.

All together chanting Demon! An imperial main drink like a fish.

Pull all karma fundamental was Pure Land Dharani, with the crowd chanting, reborn in the mantra resounded through the Great Lakes.

You can clearly see, everyone who launched into a light, connected <h2><a href=>tory burch usa</a>
</h2> to the unto the statue Devils pressure to go.

This magic is not shot, apparently against Sheng Zhou, try to figure out its meaning, he exposed Senleng smile, although it is the human form, but extremely ferocious.

Buddhist mantra is really extraordinary, really against the statue magic! Wild Oriental surprised.

Side, feel sentient handheld Bodhi sticks, a look of compassion, Fo Guang Yun, recite another ancient classics, it is Compassion, not loud, but resounded between heaven and earth.

She was a Buddha was born, white as snow, between the eyebrows the golden lotus imprint shot a Road Veris, consistency and Sheng Zhou, Buddha sound more ho <a href=>tory burch outlet</a>

Posted by Anandahef at Sat May 11 09:03:55 2013
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</h1>Fuzzy Road condensate, such as a respect for the gods, like the way.

Were moving world of old Peng Wang, attend the day the demon slaughter San tactic after, his charm All Saints' main scared.

He was a <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> burly, wearing a golden slopes clothing, face expressionless, his head with long blond hair, no wind automatically, such as two Mouguang sword, his world condensed into one.

Peerless demon king appeared, the other VIP has appeared, the wind tribe Lord birthday to many Lord level figures.

All look to the field. Concerned about the development of the situation, all of a sudden quiet to the extreme, falling tone could be heard in the Endless Mountains.


The old Peng Wang shot, one pointing out suddenly chipping, Xiaopeng Wang torn body become Xue Wu. Everyone was surprised, he is? Exterminate the flesh of their grandchildren. Equal to completely no hope!


Old Peng Wang a wave, Fan Ye in the hands of the head flew past and landed on his hand.

Do you know why lost the battle? He looked calm.

I, the gold winged Xiaopeng Wang painful growl, eyes full of carnage.

It is, I personally sent you hit the road, the former too Chongni to you waste your talent. The old Peng Wang discourse is calm, the eye extremely deep, raising his hand to his head to.

Peng brother Mo! Lord of the wind family surprised, raising his hand to block.

Next to other people is shocking, well known, the old Peng Wang very overbearing and very Justifying. Grandson of days vertical posture of the most spoiled, did not think that it actually personally shoot him.

Goldfinch Xiaopeng Wang was killed intended excited, sober him, such as <strong><a href=>tory burch miller</a>
</strong> sobering fast tranquility. His eye is a bit dim, but said nothing.

Do you understand me? Old Peng king Flanagan finger throughput Jinmang of forward poke, will make its head apart.

I understand. Goldfinch openings, Xiaopeng Wang Pingjing, ignore the life and death of Eritrea.

You finally did not let me completely disappointed. The old Peng Wang filed his head, Golden Road fluttering clothes, he strode away.

Fan Ye startled mind, the old Peng Wang is really simple, it is no wonder that the vertical and horizontal world.

Peng brother Please stay, I've got a healing panacea. Lord of the wind family opening such a thing on his birthday, he can not no matter.

No, the old Peng Wang did not look back, a step away, about to lose the trail.

If you can not break through my family saint and under nine off, you will never again born. This is the last words he left behind.

Old Peng Wang want life of its own grandson? Ancient sage set nine, more than a dozen years to less than the number <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a>
</strong> of hands!

Xiaopeng Wang has waste, he is doing what you intended, do not let him rebuilt I do?

The presence of monks, elders characters younger generation are surprised inexplicable.

The day the demon slaughter San tactic, really terrible, but to show the style. Had, I really do not know what will in the next five in terror divinity.

The everyone Xinchan, ancient saints and fell dead, blood-stained earth, those images seem to emerge still present, everyone <a href=>tory burch sandals</a>

Posted by Anandahef at Sat May 11 09:06:44 2013
<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>Spear front monkeys worn away, and now turned it into a black iron bar, though bumpy, but it is difficult to cut, I do not know weight Wan Jun, pressure vanity collapse.

Swire holy Prince identity too sensitive, and powerful, Heritage and family will be born, <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> a few people who shall stir? Many eyelids Zhitiao.

Two ancient creatures are not reluctant and kowtow to apologize to Fan Ye, so far from being a master Wang Teng eyes stand up, dashing into the temples stood on end.

Refuses to accept death over! Fan Ye verbally make strides to move on, underground dragon pillars out of a road through the surface.

Others are amazing, Fan Ye dare <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> war Pak Tai, is it really the odds not? All eyes were looking over.

He grew up very quickly, but over the years. Contend with elders figures, is indeed the Eucharist.

Only over the past few years, Fan Ye's combat capability has been upgraded a lot of people <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> believe that according to this rate continues, or how many years few people can suppress him.

Then I'll give you your heart, thy holy bloody imperial sword! Wang Teng way, walk like a handheld golden Heavenly Sword very far apart he cut over.

Fan Ye relatively calm, at the foot of a step, flashing source days veins, corresponding with the stars of heaven, piece by piece flow.


Suddenly, the ground opened, washed from a real dragon, cyan flake flashing, Long coarse footer, Juzhua coldness flashing, forceful and can not be stopped.

True dragon!

Although known to be long gas, but life, too much like, and the living creatures there is no difference.

This dragon cross show the body, such as a green knife as Pilai, coming together with the Emperor of Heaven Sword, issued a glaring brilliance.

Wang Teng Leng Heng, big step to force, with his sword oblique cut, but Dragon immortal, prance into the sky, cross hit the front once again stop living his footwork.

External forces it to me useless, all cut after the time of the suicide note! Wang Teng Black Rubao, sharp eyes.

Fan Ye composure, I heard Qingchi, underground out of hundreds of thousands Road Qinglong, a matchless such as flesh and blood.

Rear, a lot of the Lord finally discoloration, such an attack so that they feel dizzy, this is the power of the dragon in the Qinling Mountains, Fan Ye were free to call.

Two, dozens of better said, but now hundreds of thousands, attack power is amazing, the Wanlong for hegemony, throughput God beads.

Ouyang Ye are all color, secret endless source surgery, which is the source of days recorded in the book alone, First Secretary Law hook moving Longyuan, let them extremely jealous and envious of.

In this place, the Eucharist is really and Pak Tai a war!

The Jade Pool saint, Prince of Bactria, May Ling Princess people all moved, the younger generation brave enough to Wang Teng brandished a knife too, now the Fan Ye want to kill Pak Tai!

Parties guru heart throb, to be careful in this place, 11,000 to the Eucharist as source surgery to kill, it can be no place to cry.

Source surgery actually terrible, cut St. main level characters <a href=></a>

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</h1>Such as the specter of a general, they quickly surrounded up, surrounded him silent. All pale and discolored, and no life fluctuations, there is only one singular <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> energy flow.

Since the know how to practice, Fan Ye seriously pondering the so-called ghost, that after death field can be square, temporarily formed, a long time will naturally disappear.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, too many people died here, I am afraid that this kind of thing, no less, Fan Ye do not worry, he was not afraid of this kind of thing, as long as it is not the Pacific Biological, everything went well.


He waved knives, <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> came up Yin Yin Ma, fast breaks loose, the divine origin of the stone skin really born grams evil.

Suddenly, piercing scream ringing in in Kuji purple mountain, especially the breathtaking, any who should feel the body to take the lump.

Not far away, such as spooky rushing a shadow, which is a disheveled woman, dressed in white clothes, straight Fan Ye come.


The woman suddenly broke down the knives, great strength, such as molten iron casting.

She is, He was surprised to find, the bardo woman condensate, such as entity.

Purple Mountains how everything, The woman in purple mountain chi moisture, become a certain climate.


Fan Ye removed from the tripod a colored flame, playing out, and instantly she screams, ashes on the spot.

Make strides to move forward into the tall abandoned mine, biting chill coming, this is an icehouse, ice everywhere.

Zhang Jiye predecessors, you will not die here, right?

Fan Ye came into the <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> scalp tingling go soon, suddenly, this mine is attached to the vaginal pulse, his deepest dense overcast overcast horse, squirming and moving.

No bones of the dead, Zhang Jiye Fan Ye directly resorted to Ding played colored cloud flame, Yin Yin Ma burned clean.

These femininity apparently did not amount to anything, molding time is limited, but his mind is very disturbed, hundreds of thousands of years ago, a lot of people died here, I am afraid that the purple depths of the mountains forming years of negative people.

With this association, he felt something, addition to Swire biological, I am afraid there will be some other Guiwu.

Fan Ye forward more than ten miles, saw a broken knives, crushed astrolabe.

Zhang Jiye predecessors, your repair is not high, how out so far, he hearts cry.

Suddenly, Ye Fan wheel sea Ching Lin Qingchan of a blue light curtain, propped up in his in vitro.

What things?

Suddenly, he felt as if something behind, he turned Huo.

Tens of meters of an ancient mine, a monster is icy stare at him.

The lower body is the body of the snake, tank thickness, up to tens of meters, the upper half of personal-like black animal hair for up to half a foot long arms, palms are black hair.

You, can understand me? Fan Ye alert.


The unknown biological suddenly rushed on over to Fan Ye's throat, his hands such as pliers general lock, strong and surprisingly <a href=></a>

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